Beyond Valentine’s Day


I’m not a fan of Valentine’s Day. 

This is more from the commercialization of it than anything else. 

And as I write that I realize that I’m about to step into the commercialization of something. 

So here it is. 

I’ve booked a workshop in Cape Town on Valentine’s Day. 

I thought about it and said why not. 

Firstly it’s a great workshop, Sexsational! It’s about teaching you some awesome sexual skills that will increase your pleasure enormously. 

You’ll also learn some principles and ideas that will enhance your understanding of sexual energy and the possibilities it holds. 

So if you’re going to do something special on that day, think about doing something different, something that will really be an amazing gift. 

And you don’t need a partner for the workshop. 

That’s the commercial part of it. 

The rest is one of the most important things you can learn about a relationship, and I’m going to say it in one sentence, because like so many great ideas it’s so simple. 

Make your partner important. 

That’s it. 

Do something every day that makes your partner important, and feel important. 

Not the big things, they’re cool. 

Every. Single. Day!!!

It’s a few words, it’s a touch, it’s an action

Some of it you can actually learn, I’ll happily give you some guidelines.

What it’s really about is presence, consciousness, Intimacy, devotion. 

And love. 

And maybe all of those are expressions of love. 

It’s about being present in your relationship, and showing it. 

It’s about an expression of heart energy. 

It’s about creating an adventure that’s beyond what the movies show us a relationship can be. 

It’s knowing love in a way that touches every part of your being. 

So bring the flowers, bring the chocolates, as an aside my preference is good quality dark chocolate, and come and have a Valentine’s Day celebration of note.