Changing Ourselves, Changing Our World


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Monsters abound in our world.
They always have, they always will.

But none are as terrible as we, for what we do to ourselves.
For what we deny ourselves.
We deny ourselves consciousness,
for it’s easier not to know what we do.
We deny ourselves choice, for it’s easier to follow.
And perhaps more than anything, we deny ourselves power, because it’s easier not to change anything, it’s easier not to be responsible.
Not to be responsible to be all we can be.
Not to be responsible to live lives of challenge and searching.
Not to be responsible to live in a way that doesn’t repeat the past.
Not to be responsible for not learning who we are, who we really are.
Not to be responsible for not looking deep into our own eyes, into our hearts, into our souls.
Not to be responsible for mediocrity.
Not to be responsible for looking to others for answers.
Not to be responsible to looking for others to change.

For to change anything in our world, we change ourselves.
Not the politicians, not the corporations, not the religions.
They’re self-serving. They always have been, they always will be.

I can’t remove the evils of the world.
I can’t remove the suffering of so many.
I can’t answer the question of why they exist.

And I can’t ask a God out there.

I can awaken a God within.
I can awaken a Goddess within.
I can each day, in the way I can, allow that God, that Goddess, expression.
I can choose that.
And I can choose to be, each day, more responsible to be conscious.
And I can choose each day to share more of that.
And that which it awakens.

And the more of us who do that, each day an almost infinitesimal amount, well, who knows what will happen…

Everything in our world is a frequency, an energy.
Every feeling, every thought, every action, every sensation, every emotion, every word, every touch, every pattern, everything we do. It’s all just an energy.
Airy-fairy, philosophical, new age, quantum physics…
Not something we think of daily in what we do, how we live.

Energy attracts energy.






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