I love women, I worship Yoni

The other day I was doing a clitoral massage. This was in the space of healing, of pleasure, of energy, of sensation. It was about her receiving in a space of deep relaxation, breathing deeply, slowly. The touch was very, very gentle, very, very slow. It wasn’t about orgasm, if that happened it happened. A digression, I’ll share more about this later in this piece, soft orgasms let’s call them, are different to the usual contractive orgasms most women experience.

It was about the experience of sensation and energy in her body. Breathing in that way moves the energy in deep waves through the body. It creates pleasure chemicals, oxytocin in particular, that bring a feeling of love. It expands consciousness.

In the moment something came to awareness in an emotional rush, deeper than ever before.

How incredibly mysterious, how incredibly magical, how incredibly fascinating, how incredibly beautiful a clitoris is!

I’ve been working in the field of Conscious Sexuality for over 20 years and most of my work is with women. I’ve been doing and teaching Yoni Massage in many different ways. I’ve been teaching oral sex, Yoni Worship and more.

The beauty of Yoni is just…

And last week was a deeper connection, appreciation of wonder for the clitoris. Another level of intimacy, of appreciation.

The origin of the word clitoris is from ancient Greece, and has a few meanings. One interpretation of this is a key or gatekeeper.

So appropriate.

The key to so much pleasure.

The key to such deep energy.

And that is the key, when we begin to see pleasure as an energy experience so much changes. Clitintimacy is the place where pleasure and energy meet.

If you know how to use the key, if you can get the gatekeeper to open worlds of sensation, of energy.

It requires an intimacy with the clitoris, yours, or hers.

The intimacy begins with some understandings.

Every clitoris is different. Some are a little bigger, some a little smaller. Some are longer, some shorter. Some have bigger hoods, some smaller. Some clitoral heads are more exposed, some more hidden. Some clits can be touched directly, some are too sensitive and need to be touched through the hood. Some need time before they can be touched directly. Some have really sensitive points on the sides, some on the head.

There’s a question I ask in many lessons and workshops. How big do you think a clit is?

Men and women give a range of answers, from about 1 centimeter to a pea to tiny to 3 centimeters…

So many people are unaware of how big the clitoral nerve complex is.

I use the analogy of an iceberg, that what you see above the surface is just the tip.

From what you can see, what you can feel, there are 2 big nerves that extend downwards inside her body. Stroking between the inner and outer lips of her yoni allow these to be stimulated. Stroke up and down, make circles with your fingertips, put gentle pressure there. Be patient. If these areas haven’t been touched before they may take time to respond to your touch.

When you touch really gently, really slowly, that’s very different for so many women.

There’s a patterning in the body, a conditioning. Most women are touched, and touched themselves, pretty hard and fast, when the goal is orgasm. That becomes the way the body gets used to being touched, and the way we get conditioned to come.

The slow, gentle caress is a different sensation, a different kind of pleasure.

It moves deep in the body, waves of energy.

In its gentleness it allows release of tension in that area, emotional as well as physical.

And when orgasms happen through this caress, soft orgasms, rather than contractive orgasms, melting rather than exploding, they’re deep inside, often emotional, they fill the body with energy, touch the heart.

Clitintimacy is a connection with the beauty, the power, the honoring of this part of the body that is magical, mysterious and so filled with vitality, energy and, oh, such pleasure.