Coffee, Panettone and Expanded Orgasm




Coffee this afternoon is special, with one of my favorite things, Panettone, so deliciously sensual. 

I am so glad we only get them for a short time in South Africa, at this time of the year. 

Tonight’s workshop is also special, one of my favorites to teach. I enjoy everything I teach, Expanded Orgasm is always special as it was one of the first workshops I taught when I started this journey in Conscious Sexuality about 20 years ago. It’s one of the workshops that on its own changes the way we look at and experience pleasure. It was the first video I made, video then. DVD’s had just come out, nobody knew if they were going to last, become a thing. 

I think about the evolution of how I’ve taught it. In the beginning it was all live, meaning everything on real bodies, all demonstrations. This was challenging for some people, also made it difficult to see the details of the practice, of the technique. I don’t remember when I started using the latex models. That made it easier, more accessible to so many people in different situations, single people, shy people. 

In the beginning it was also only for women, and over time I developed the experience for men as well. 

It’s been a fascinating journey as my understanding of the practice has, well, expanded, deepened. 

One of the things I love about it is how it’s one of the experiences where healing and pleasure merge, and how it’s such a direct and easy way to experience our sexual energy. 

As I’m indulging in the delicious flavors, and aromas, and textures, and feeling the afternoon sun, I sit in wonder of this journey. And gratitude, deep gratitude, for every person I’ve shared with in so many ways.