Coming Home





I stood in the sun and felt it enter me, felt its warmth. Then I felt something inside of me that brought tears to my eyes. There was a moment of deep silence and stillness, as if for a moment life paused in between breaths. Then a rush of what, download, awakening, expansion, understanding, knowing. It came so fast, so much. It’s there, a voice said, when you need it’ll be there, don’t hold onto any of it, don’t think it, don’t organise it, just feel it.

The tears fell with the power of the feeling.

The emotion was about connection, to life, with life.

And an awareness of mystery.

When we awaken, when we explore our inner and outer worlds, the mystery we connect with.

I stood in awe of my body, the incredible working of this vessel. That we’re discovering new things about it all the time.

I’ve felt this body to be so much more than my mind perceives, felt places within me, part of me that are beyond what I think this physical space is.

Life that flows through me, that lives through me, that expresses through me.

You are the temple, a voice said. I’d heard that before, never felt it before.

This is the channel for Life to experience itself. To feel, everything, everything.

To know that the sun is within me as I feel it dancing with my cells.

To know that I swim in the ocean and my body is at home.

To walk on the earth and know that the elements are within me.

To feel the wind and know that my breath goes around the world.

The deeper I go, the higher I go, it’s an endless journey of discovery. My sight opens a little more, a little more, and more of the mystery is revealed.

Consciousness, Energy, Spirit, a mystery that in or connection opens us, opens to us.

And it asks us to Live. To feel, to connect, to learn, to move, to breathe, to listen in the silence.

With me, within me, I am part, I am all.

And through my heart, my open heart, my opening heart, I allow it to flow…