That’s what so many of us are looking for.

In a world of increased isolation and of loneliness, that’s what we seek.

To connect.

With our bodies, with our hearts.

To feel.

Acknowledged, seen, felt, touched, heard, smelled, known.


I’ve spent time in the past weeks in my practice, in workshops and at events immersed in sensuality, in touch, in words, in heart spaces.

I’ve been with people on many journeys, and at many stages of a journey.

And we’re looking for connection.


Sex becomes secondary, once we realise that. It’s not hard to find, in whatever way you choose.

It’s more than that,  much deeper, and also much simpler. And yet in our world, it’s the connection we’re looking for.

A hand in ours that’s present.

Ears that listen to us and hear what we say.

Space to share, our ideas, our thoughts, our fears.

For someone to please, in some way, even for a moment, to connect with us, hold us.


More people are depressed than ever.

More people are alone than ever.

More people are isolated than ever.

More people have less self-esteem, self-worth and self-love than ever.

And so much of this, so many emotional and psychological issues exist because we’re not connected.

We have no intimacy.


It’s heart that we seek.

Touch that we seek.

Tenderness that we seek.

We cry for these things deep inside.


I’ve seen, as have so many others in the field of Conscious Sexuality, the spaces to connect with another.

In touch, in breath.

Conscious Sensuality is from the heart.

We welcome you in with presence, we take you and touch you and hold you.

We breathe with you.

We put our hearts next to yours that they may beat together.

We open the space of vulnerability, for you to reveal yourself, your body, your thoughts, your feelings. You cry, you laugh, you sing, you dance.

In pleasure rituals you receive.

You are seen, a sacred being.



There is such power in the work we do, in the spaces we create.

Many come to learn, to explore, to heal, to grow.

And many more come simply to connect, to be, even for a few moments, the fullness of human.

Many will return to their lives alone.

Yet filled for now.



Let us, with love, with reverence, with passion, let us touch, stroke, caress, love.

Let us hold these naked souls close.

Let us create workshops, retreats, experiences, practices, as many as we can, reach as many people as we can.

Let us open this Conscious Space for all.

Let them feel the beauty of our hands on their bodies.

Let their hearts be soothed.

Let us connect.

Let us love.