Conscious Quiet




Most of our communication is not verbal.

All of our communication is energy.



Come, my love.

Come and let us sit in the quiet, in the conscious quiet.

In the quiet we’ll go within, and we’ll learn to listen.

There are secrets within us. Secrets of the stars and of the oceans, secrets of the earth and the sun. And in our breath, secrets of the wind. For these are the places that gave birth to us. And in the quiet we will hear them.

They have wisdom to share, secrets of life. And in the subtle stillness we will learn to listen as our ancestors did.

And in the quiet we’ll learn the language of the heart.

My heart has a story to tell me, a story of love, a story of my soul, a story of Spirit. In this story is a portal to life, and in the quiet it will be revealed.

In the quiet I will come to know myself beyond my words, beyond the words of others.

And in the quiet I will come to know you with an intimacy that has no words.

I will know the rhythm of your breath.

I will know the language of your heart.

I will know the light of your eyes.

I will know what your hand in mine tells me.

I will know your body next to mine, and every place we touch will tell a story of being.

I will know the subtle taste of your skin.

I will know that somewhere within us, a place beyond the body, a place of mystery, the Source of Life, in this place we are one.

And Life lives through us.

And when we open our hearts, Love lives through us.

In this conscious quiet, this sacred stillness, I will come to know my Self, and knowing myself, I will know you.

Come my love, to this place of silent knowing.

Come to this place of love.