Conscious Receiving


We talk a great deal about the intention of touch, of the giving.

On every workshop and touch event I teach The Heart Touch, which connects us to our hearts, to love.


That energy comes through in our hands, in our mouths and in our bodies.


The deeper we go into Conscious Touch the more layers we can add to our touch. Kindness, compassion, gentleness, caring…


Touch in this way, with awareness, with presence, becomes a deep communication. It goes places within us words never will.


There’s an element of touch that I don’t think we’re always aware of because we focus so much on the giving of touch.


Receiving touch.

Consciously Receiving your lover’s touch.


Being open to receive what they’re offering you.

Being present.

Being connected.


In this space the intimacy between us deepens.

Radically deepens.

Presence from both of us magnifies the sensations, the feelings and the emotions we feel.

We allow each other to experience more as we feed each other, reflect each other, expand each other.

We open each other.

Our vulnerability takes us further into the field of possibility.


Receiving in this way becomes active rather than passive.

We receive our lover.

We receive them with our bodies, our hands, our mouths, our sex.

We receive them as actively as they give to us.

In this the energy that we communicate flows through us, from us, to us, around us.


Presence, receiving, we come together in prayer, in worship.

Sacred space.