Conscious Sensual Coffee




I’m sitting in the afternoon sun with coffee It’s been cold for a few days in Johannesburg, this is the first afternoon that it’s warm enough to sit outside.
Coffee is an important part of my life, the aroma, the taste, the changing taste through the cup.
It’s a sensual moment for me.
And it makes me think of how our sensuality can be an amazing pathway to being more conscious, more present.

It’s been said that everything we need is within us.
Our sensuality is an expression of that.

We generally think of sensuality in connection with sex, and more often with foreplay. As a digression I’ve been thinking about that word, foreplay. It leads to a way of having sex that’s quite compartmentalized. For most people sex ends after an orgasm, and starts again when we desire it. When we’re sexual beings, it never ends. The fire might burn low, it doesn’t go out. It’s always there. It’s not something we switch on and off.

Sensuality is how we experience life and the world. Through our senses. By tasting, touching, hearing, smelling, talking, breathing, seeing, feeling, moving. Even thinking.
We experience ourselves, others and nature through our senses.
And we can use these experiences to be more conscious in ourselves.

Firstly we need to slow down.
We need to bring a moment, or more, of ritual, to our sensual expression.
We need the intention of making the experience conscious.
Let’s take the coffee as an example of how to do this.
For so many of us the way we’d drink coffee is functional. We drink the coffee.
When we make it a deeper experience it may begin with the preparation of the coffee, doing that with an awareness. With a sense of purpose and focus.
Maybe putting the coffee in the plunger, the water in the kettle really watching what we’re doing.
Maybe pouring it, watching how it goes into the cup, aware of the steam rising.
Pouring milk in, watching the patterns it makes.
Holding the cup in your hands, feeling its shape, its texture, temperature.
Breathing the aroma in, eyes closed.
Taking the first sip and savoring the taste, the feel as you swallow.
Maybe an expression of gratitude.

We can do this with every sensual experience we have.
Walking out the door and pausing to look at the day, the light, whatever it is that’s around us.
A moment of greeting someone, in whatever way we do that, with a breath of presence.
Feeling the way our body moves.
Sensual moments of awareness.

They create a deep appreciation of us,of what we have, in the moment.
An appreciation of life.
An appreciation of our magnificent bodies and all they do.
They create an awareness of the present moment.

These moments, these experiences, slow us down.
The gifts of slowness, of presence, are immeasurable on the growth path.
They’re the moments that bring us to the awareness of what we’re doing, how we’re doing.
They allow the hamster-wheel mind to bring something else to consciousness, from a deeper part of the mind, something that’s more inspired, more creative, more intuitive.

And when we bring this awareness to pleasure, oooh, what happens there…
Conscious Pleasure.

So much in a sensual cup of coffee, such possibility…