Conscious Sensual Massage





I love women.

Most of my work is with women. And I must say that I love working with men, and I get so excited, I celebrate when men come to heal, to learn, to grow.

I have been so fortunate to have spent so much time with women. So much of that has been doing massage and bodywork in different ways. Conscious Sensual Massage, Taoist Massage, Kashmiri Massage, Yoni Massage etc.

And as much as I write this for everyone, I’m writing it from my personal perspective, from what I’ve heard so many women say over the years.

I wish that I could teach every man to touch women in the way that she feels beautiful, loved, honored, worshipped.

I wish that every man would learn to touch from the heart.

I wish that every man would learn about the power of the gift of pleasure.

I wish that every man would learn the power of slow.

I wish that every man would learn about the power of a fulfilled woman.

I wish that every man would learn about how different our world could be, living more with the power of the feminine.

I wish that every man would see the incredible, endless beauty and mystery of women.

I wish that every man would see the beauty of the body and its limitless sensations and feelings.

I wish that every man would experience how healing it is for them to go on this journey of learning.

I wish that every man would see how teaching our sons this would make our relationships, our world, different.

I wish that every man would see how learning this teaches us so much about masculinity.


My journey began with massage and touch, and about 30 years later I’m still learning, exploring, growing.

(I wrote a series of pieces called The Making of an Erotic Massage Therapist, sharing some of this journey, if you’d like to read it please email me and I’ll share it with you).

I love to teach, I love to teach what I learn.

I love how our bodies are an endless, limitless exploration.

Even in this time of lockdown I’ve learned so much in a different way about what we do in and with our bodies.


There is deep wisdom within us, within our bodies.

It’s been said that everything we need is within us.

As we learn to listen to that, to receive that, to surrender to that, I see it more.

We are embodied beings.

This body, the way it works, the way it feels, the way it carries us through life, is a miracle.

The journey of touch, of learning to touch, takes us into the mystery and the possibility of that miracle.


Touch is a language, a communication that goes deeper than words, it’s an inner knowing.

In sacred touch we express our divinity.

In sacred pleasure touch we open to a universe of energy, of possibilities.

In a relationship it’s one of the ways to create and enhance deep intimacy and connection.

In this time of isolation so many of us are lacking touch and feeling the impact of it deeply. As the world begins to open it’s so important to touch, be touched.



A few weeks ago, after much resistance, my own limitations, I taught my first online massage lesson, The Sensual Meditation of Touch. I loved it, the feedback was great.

So… On Sat, 1st August, we’re going deeper.

I’m teaching a Conscious Sensual Massage Workshop Online.

The investment is R400, US$25. This includes the lesson, a download of my Sensual Massage DVD and my audio book, Let’s Talk About Sex.

You’ll learn about Creating Ritual Space

The Heart Touch

Bliss Body Massage

Sensual Touch

And The First Sensual Massage through watching a massage experience.

Booking is essential, email


Thursday Night’s Webinar is free, an open forum of q&a, please send the questions you have to me.

I think we’ll start talking about the power of slow, what that does, the impact of slow touch, slow pleasure, slow sex.

The link is on my page.