Conscious Sexuality, The Possibilities




There’s a definition of Conscious Sexuality that I use.

It’s to be present during sex, and to be with whatever arises, whatever emerges.

It’s a way in to the more of sex, a doorway to what our sexual energy, and our experiences, can show us.

It’s a way in to healing, to awareness, to growing, to expanding.

It’s a way in to our bodies, our hearts.

It’s a way in to our shadow, to our subconscious.


When we look at those words.

During sex, and we understand that sex is not only penetration, it’s not only genitals, it’s not only orgasm.

And sex is not always with someone else.


And then it’s to be with whatever arises, whatever emerges.

Maybe some insecurity, some fear of rejection. Maybe something about our bodies not functioning properly.

Maybe some of the patterning and conditioning we have about ourselves, our bodies, our pleasure.

Maybe some of our inhibitions, our fears.

And, in time, if we’re willing, we go to the deeper places within us, deeper and deeper.


This is where it gets interesting.

This is where we see that there is so much more to sex than some pleasure, for most of us quite short, for most of us focused on orgasm, on release, on getting off.

We see how our sexual experiences, in the range of possibility, become a way in to ourselves.

And, in time, a way to freedom.

Freedom from patterning and conditioning that keeps us doing the same things in the same way.

Freedom from the beliefs we have about ourselves, our bodies, life, love.

Freedom from the illusions we have about who we are, who we’ve become in order to make ourselves acceptable to others.


We drop through layers of awakening, of awareness.

We start slowly, we dip a toe into the water.

And over time we step deeper into the water of mystery, to meet that which arises. It’s within us, waiting for us. It’s always been there.


And there are other freedoms.

The freedom to see what’s really within us, what we really desire, what really turns us on, interests us, draws us, excites us.

To see who we are.

And sometimes it’s not ‘nice’, it’s not polite.

But it’s powerful, creative, alive, vibrant, juicy.

And we can use this, in many ways in our lives.

The freedom of curiosity, of exploration and discovery.

The freedom to drop the story, when we drop the pattern.

The freedom to be more of ourselves, not within the confines of anyone else’s judgment.

The freedom to claim more of our pleasure, not only sexually, but in all of life.


For all of these, we come back to our definition, to be present, to be aware.

And to feel what we’re feeling, not rush over it, not get distracted by pleasure, by the rush, the chase to orgasm.

To feel, to be aware of what’s happening inside of us, what’s coming to the surface.

And to give it space, give it time.

To be with ourselves.


This is part of the beauty, the mystery, the power of our sexuality.

What’s within it, what’s within us.

It can be in a kiss, it can be in a look, it can be in a kink session, it can be in a sexua spiritual experience, it can be in a conversation.

It can arise anytime.

And the freedom is in acknowledging it, whatever it is, and exploring it.


This is the world of possibility.

Anything, in any moment.

In our bodies, in our hearts, in our minds.

In our sexuality, limitless.

And the greater the range of experience we’ll allow, the more will be revealed.



Erotic Inspiration is a delicious phrase, filled with such possibility.

In all aspects of life.


An Erotic Life is so much more than a sexual and genital expression of that energy.

But that’s what so many of us think about when we heat the term ‘erotic’.

For me, Erotic is an expression of the fullness of life. It’s the body, the mind, the heart.

It’s vitality and creativity.

It’s sensual, as in the experience of all of our senses.

It’s nature, and the world, the elements.

And it’s inner nature. An Erotic Nature is a state of being that looks at life in connection, in awareness and presence.


Erotic Inspiration.

Inspiration, breathing in.

Inspiration, feeling.

Inspiration, creating.

Erotic Inspiration, creating in the sensual fullness of life.

Erotic Inspiration, feeling into the fullness of life of the body, of sensation, of the heart.

Erotic Inspiration.

Living a life of spontaneous intimacy, dancing in the moment, dancing with what life offers, the joy and the tears.


Inspiration and gifts are in every moment.

Often in me there are moments of sadness, and in the sadness sometimes comes inspiration to write.


When we live with greater erotic awareness it touches every aspect of our lives.

Sexually, sensually, in work, in relationship.

Erotic is a perception, a state of mind, a state of body.

It’s a greater presence in the body, and in the body in life, in sensation, in feeling.

The awareness of the Erotic in every moment shifts so much within us, in healing, in learning, in growth.

There’s a fullness in the erotic that brings us to what is present rather than lacking.

Which is how we so often look at situations in our lives, what’s not there, what’s missing.

We also look at what’s wrong, rather than what’s possible.

The Erotic shifts us into what’s present, into everything that’s there.

The Erotic dances us into the space of possibility, the space within us, in our bodies and in our hearts.

That’s where our healing lies, that’s where our growth lies.


It’s within us, the Erotic.

Waiting for us to meet it, waiting for us to reach out.

This is where the inspiration is.

And a life of inspiration happens in so many ways.

We often look at that in creative terms, art or writing, music.

And it is that, and it’s all of life.

How we live.

Connecting with everything that’s sensual, that’s alive.

Pulsating, vibrating.



One of the ways inspiration expresses itself in my life is through touch.

And this week it led me to a new massage experience, connecting Heart, Nipples, Breasts, Clitoris.

An experience of energy and pleasure, of healing and release.

All coming together in one experience.


This is a continuous exploration for me, and teaching, sharing it with more people, expands the Erotic Possibility for all of us.


The more we connect with, feel, the Erotic within us.

The more we have experiences like the one I’ve shared, the more inspired we become.

And one expands into the other.

Inspiration expands in all of life.

Our dance expands in all of life.

Possibility expands in all of life.


I have always been able to be inspired by life, by the experiences, the people, what I see, what I hear, what I learn, what I feel.

And having someone in my life after so long inspires me more.

With gratitude to life, to love.