Conscious Sexuality


Conscious Sexuality


Last week I wrote and shared an article about the way we have sex.


Someone posted a comment, ‘Soooooo let me get this straight you put more expanded CONSCIOUSNESS in to sex…. hmmmm.’


I thank you for this, I thank everyone for all the comments, likes and shares.

I thank you for this and the opportunity it brings to share some thoughts with you.


Yes I do.

I teach in the field of Conscious Sexuality. I work every day helping people with sexual issues and problems.

If you were a yoga teacher, you’d probably put more consciousness into that.

If you were a chef you’d probably put more consciousness into that.


Beyond that, and even though I have not had a sexual encounter with another for almost a year, this has been the driving force, the energy of my life.

So much of my learning, my own healing, my own growth, my own expansion, and my own experience comes from teaching, from my sessions and the time I spend with others.


Consciousness is not limited.

When we become conscious in one area of life, we are likely to become more conscious in others. It spreads, throughout our bodies, our hearts, our minds, our energy, our lives.


Our sexuality is not in a vacuum.

It’s not in a little box that we take out and use in very specific, and limited, circumstances and then put away again.

It’s connected to all that we are.

It’s what created us, what brought us into being.

It’s the energy of creativity, vitality,

It’s a portal to The Mystery.

It connects us to our body, the way we experience life

Becoming more conscious in this allows for greater consciousness in life.


Then, if we were more sexually conscious, a great deal of the abuse and violence we experience in our world, against women, against men, against children, would change.

Our relationship to nature, to the environment, would be different.

Our relationship to money, and the systems around it would be different.

The way we see relationships, and the possibilities they bring, would be different.

The way we brought our children up would be different. The guilt, shame, embarrassment, the disconnect so many of us live with, have lived with, would be different.


If we were more sexually conscious we’d allow greater expression of all of who we are, all the aspects of our being. In this we’d find greater peace, deeper fulfillment, greater connection to ourselves, to others, to the world, to life, to The Mystery.


If we were more sexually conscious we would choose to experience more pleasure.

Firstly more sexual pleasure.

I’ve often said that we allow ourselves nowhere near the pleasure we’re capable of.

There’s something really important here.

A choice for more pleasure, with consciousness, is not just about sex.

If we chose lives of greater pleasure think about how many other choices we’d make that would be different, how much of our lives would be different, how different our world would be.


Our world is contractive.

It’s based on fear and control.

It runs on separation.

It’s governed by mediocrity, manipulation and misinformation.

A choice for pleasure begins to expand us.

A choice for pleasure connects us.

It’s about energy.

The energy of pleasure, not only sexual pleasure, pleasure, in all aspects of life.

When we are in this space we’re lighter, in every way. Things are easier, people are nicer, there’s more flow in every way. Our focus becomes different.

And maybe, in this being lighter, we may just become a little more en-lightened.


Consciousness is expansion.

Expansion creates possibilities.

Conscious Sexuality, Conscious Eroticism, is the expression of all that we are, in expansion, not contraction.

One of its highest expressions is intimacy.

Going deep into myself, I go further out into the cosmos.


Yes, I put more consciousness into sex.

And I invite you to share on this journey with me.

And thank you for every opportunity to share with you.

In pleasure, Conscious Pleasure.