Conversations With Life


All life, every moment, every breath, every touch is an exchange of energy.

I open to the world, the world opens to me.

I open to life, life opens to me.

All of the world, all of life.

It’s all part of me, and I am part of it.

A Conversation With Life


Everything we do is a conversation with life.

A conversation means that there is more than one of us talking.

Most of our conversation with life is pretty one-sided. We talk.

We talk to be right, we talk from our ego, we talk from our anger, we talk from our hurt, we talk from our past, we talk from our patterns, we talk from our conditioning.

So many different parts of ourselves talk.

We have no conscious relationship with many of these parts of ourselves, we don’t know them. We know them in the sense that they’re there, and that’s all. So the conversations become a reaction. And if we’re aware, we’ll see that we’re saying the same things over and over.


Everything we do is a conversation with life.

We have to listen to ourselves, we have to become aware of which part of us talking, and we have to become aware of what it’s saying.

This means we have to be quiet.

We need to be in silence to hear what’s happening inside of us.

And we need to be in silence to hear what life is saying to us.

We need to understand that we talk with so much more than our words. We talk with our thoughts, we talk with our feelings, we talk with our bodies, we talk with our hearts, we talk with our energy.

Everything we do is a conversation.

Sometimes it’s uncomfortable, sometimes it’s difficult, sometimes we feel like we’re not speaking the same language at all.

It’s a constant conversation.


Life talks to us.

And we’ve forgotten how to listen.

We listen with our bodies, we listen with our feelings, we listen with our thoughts, we listen with our energy, we listen with our hearts.

When we stop talking, even for a little while, we’ll start listening.

It’s a subtle conversation. And the language is different. It’s often symbolic, it’s a whisper, it’s a leaf on the breeze and it’s gone.

We need to be still to hear it.

Different parts of us hear different things.

It’s an energy rather than a system.

It’s not a method, it’s presence and connection.


In time, we’ll learn which parts of ourselves is talking. The more we do that the more we see the choice we have. And in the moment, in a breath, we can have a conversation with life that is that, a conversation. It’s a connection. It’s a journey of endless discovery. Of ourselves and of life.

It deepens and expands.

We engage with more of ourselves, consciously, and life engages with more of us, consciously.

It’s an exchange of energy, of possibilities.


We’re good at talking.

It’s time to become better at listening.