Deep Cervical Pleasure





Expanding into potential.

Expanding into Possibility.

Expanding into the space within.

The twin flames of energy and pleasure dance with each other in the body.

The Heart opens.

The Body opens.


‘I felt the pulsations inside my Yoni for hours afterwards, even as I was falling asleep I was aware of them’.


More and more I think less and less of healing, and more of possibility, of what’s within us, and how we meet ourselves.

The power of our sexuality, the place where energy and pleasure meet, dancing with each other, entwining, separating, coming together, fuelling each other, opening each other, expanding each other, in our bodies.


Deep in the Yoni, your cervix, an area of deep pleasure, deep energy, deep possibility.

Connected to your heart, connected to your throat, to your voice. Not only the voice of pleasure, also the voice of you in life.


Many of these journeys begin with us seeking healing, release from the patterns, the conditioning, the experiences of the past that hold us in place. Often this is a place of pain, physical pain and tension, emotional hurt, tightness, limitation, inhibition.

The desire is to free ourselves, to soften, to open. The space of possibility.

The release is a journey of the body, a journey of the heart, a journey of the mind. It’s all part of us.

And it’s all about allowing ourselves to feel, experience, live, that which is there, within us, waiting for us.


‘The first time the orgasm happened that deep inside me I was speechless, tearful at the intensity. It was different to anything else I’d felt, it seemed as if it went on and on. I felt it in my fingers and in my face.’


This is a journey of allowing, of softening into what’s there within us.

For many of us healing is a contractive experience based in fixing a pain, a problem. The pain becomes the focus, is it better, is it less, has it gone?

Possibility approaches this differently, from within.

It’s not ignoring the pain, it’s not suppressing it, it’s not pretending it’s not there. But it’s not all that’s there.

We ask, What else is there?

And we find the seed of possibility.

And as we nurture that, as we grow that, as we cultivate that, the release begins to happen.

In the time it needs.

Without forcing, without pushing, without judging, because as soon as we do, we’re back in the tension, back in the contraction, back in the pattern.

There’s an intimacy here, within ourselves, a new relationship begins to form, with our bodies, our hearts, our energy, our pleasure.


‘I learned to relax into the feelings, because as soon as I felt them beginning I began to chase them. I saw how much I’d chased orgasms for most of my life. And when I allowed it, the orgasm just melted me into this gooey pink space of pure being. And I connected it to how I’d done the same in life, and how I could relax more. ‘


In the time it needs.

This is important.

Our world has become one of quick-fix, instant answers, stimulation-reaction.

Mastery of meditation in 6 weeks.

Become a Tantric Goddess in 30 days.

How to be a gazillionaire following this formula.

Release, heal, change a lifetime, generations of patterning in a weekend.

All that does is take us away from how we are, how we’re designed and how we work.

And it keeps us chasing.

Our bodies, our hearts, need time, softness, allowing.

Our Yonis need tenderness, care, a relationship that nurtures the flower within to bloom into possibility, to expand into space, to connect with the heart, with the throat.

We honour ourselves when we take the time, it’s an expression of self-love.

We learn about ourselves, in time, awareness, understanding, arises.

It’s there within us, the energy, the pleasure.

Waiting for us.

And like many deep mysteries, subtle, and if we don’t learn to listen to the first whisper we won’t hear the Divine song.


‘There were times I felt so frustrated and just wanted more. I felt things inside my body change, felt more sensation than ever, and then they seemed to disappear. One day I decided to surrender to those feelings, I dropped into the frustration, and then through it, and then, oh my, beyond what I’d read about.’


The path to these cervical experiences is deep. It begins with a foundation, connecting to the body, learning to breathe, learning the anatomy of your body, exploring the relationship you have with so many aspects of yourself.

And from the place of possibility we can approach this differently, healing becomes growth.

And the amazing experience of that deep pleasure, even cervical orgasms, is there for us.


Expanding into potential.

Expanding into Possibility.

Expanding into the space within.

The twin flames of energy and pleasure dance with each other in the body.

The Heart opens.

The Body opens.