Deep Into My Body


On the inward journey we go deeper into ourselves.

We pass through storms and fires.

We travel paths rocked by wind.

We step in the darkness, unsure of what lies beneath our feet.

At times we see more, understand more.

And then in the next breath know how little we see, how limited our vision.

And the deeper we go, the more we expand.

We see more of what was just beyond the edges of our sight.

In this the question arises, do we accept ourselves more, and do we accept more of ourselves?

Love seems a long way off, loving ourselves.

Accept, come to know, like.

And in time love comes.

At each moment of connection with ourselves life changes.

At releasing each hurt life changes.

In loving another life changes.

In revealing ourselves life changes.

In questioning life changes.

And a question arises in myself, how separated have we become from our visceral self?

We seek connection in the high places, heart and soul.

And how separated have we become from our base self?

How much of our body and its function do we accept with consciousness? How much of our fluids and waste, our excretions, our smells do we welcome?

Do we look on them with embarrassment and distaste?

Do we hide from them, separate ourselves from them?

Is there ceremony and ritual we bring as we do to love and pleasure?

Are they simply necessity, or more?

And if I cannot relish and savour all of my being, can I do the same with my heart?

We’ve made them foul, and in that have we not made ourselves the same?

I express my gratitude for a moment of love, I express my gratitude for learning, for sharing, for dancing, for touching.

Where is my gratitude for my body functioning well, releasing that which it no longer needs?

Is this not accepting myself, with awareness, with presence?

We’ve seen the hurt visited on our sexuality, the guilt and shame of pleasure, we’ve accepted the judgement on our desire.

Have we so disconnected from other parts of ourselves that we only acknowledge them when they’re not working?

And all we desire then is for cure.

Can we be curious to ask what are you telling me, how can I engage with you, know you, and thank you for the vital role you play in life, in health?

Can we bring ritual to this?

And what healing, what learning, what growth can come from it?