Deepening Into Love





For the past, it’s nearly two years now, I haven’t had a sexual partner, I haven’t had a lover, I haven’t had a relationship.

Not in the traditional sense.

This has been a time of going into myself, into my body, into my sensuality and sexuality.

It’s affirmed something I’ve known and taught for a long time.

Our love, our sexuality, our sensuality, our pleasure, is about us.

Then it’s about sharing that, in the way we choose.

For someone who works in the fields of Conscious Sexuality and Tantra this has been fascinating, and such a different experience of myself.

And it doesn’t mean that I haven’t loved, had lovers.

It doesn’t mean I haven had experiences of deep intimacy, intimacy that’s brought me to tears, often.

It doesn’t mean I haven felt arousal and desire, deeply, strongly, in my body, in my heart, in my Lingam.

It’s brought me to a love that’s more open.

To a love of life.

To a love of the moment.

To being able to love, to fall in love, to rise in love.

To love so much, in a moment, and to flow into the next moment.


It’s brought me to a desire, and an arousal, that fills me, fills my body, every cell of my body.

Sometimes a fire, raging flames of heat.

Sometimes as deep as the ocean.

And it’s taught me to breathe into the feelings, into the sensations, into the desire.

Without it having to be more, any more than that beautiful moment, so filled with everything.

And feel how it flows into the next moment.

As something else.

It’s taken me into arousal, my arousal, the arousal of men, of women, how many ways there are to be aroused. The freedom to have an erection, not have an erection.

To see more of how trapped, limited, patterned, conditioned, inhibited so much of our sexuality is. The fear we have, the fear of the power, of the fire, of what’s deep inside of us, how we judge it, suppress it, repress it.

And in that how we suppress our hearts, our yearning for fullness.

It’s taken me into some deep conversations with my body, with my cock, with my heart.

Some I’ve shared with you, some still to be shared.

In these it’s brought me to myself, to more of my inner self.

It’s shown me the stillness, the quiet.

Of sitting in it, sitting in the storm, in the wind, in the sun, in the noise, in the peace.

Riding the waves.

It’s shown me more of surrender.

Yes there’s been loneliness.

And longing.

And intimacy, connection, tenderness.

It’s shown me, taken me deeply, into my senses, how so much of life is my eyes, my nose, my mouth, my ears, my hands.

Sensuality is how we experience each other, life, the world.

Sensual presence is a constant meditation in life.

It’s shown me the power of subtlety that’s there in the stillness, in the quiet. And it’s only in that stillness that we’ll know, hear, feel, taste, touch, smell, know, intuit, know, the subtle, the nuance.

It’s opened my work space, deepened my intuition.

There a permission to do things I thought I couldn’t, teach things I thought I couldn’t.

It’s expanded my inspiration into many new sources

It’s been massage and touch experiences, breath practices, that last for up to two hours. Sometimes with incredible arousal, sometimes, not, that doesn’t have to go anywhere, be anything else other than the sensation, the feeling, the breath, and flow into the next moment.

It’s been times in the pool, during Water Flow Massage of holding someone, and that’s the world, in that moment, in those arms around me, that belly against mine, that heart next to mine.

The world in that moment.

And floating away into my body, my heart.

And when something else is ready to arise, to emerge, in my life, in myself, the space is open.

The space of limitless possibility.