Don’t Teach Me To F***, Teach Me To Feel


I recently had an experience, probably the most intense pleasure experience I’ve ever had.

Now that’s something coming from me. I’ve spent a great deal of my life exploring sexuality. The last 18 yrs in the field of Conscious Sexuality, healing, teaching, researching etc.

It’s not an easy experience to describe.

There was an alignment of body, heart, energy and spirit.

There was intensity that led to tears as an expression of the depth of feeling.

There was an entire body in orgasm.

There was a zinging, our word for the energy, that moved through me for hours afterwards.

There was a quiet, a deep peace.

There was a moment that the world shifted slightly.

There was intimate connection where we couldn’t separate one from the other.

There was…

We had a long slow build-up to that moment, hours of sexual energy play.

We had connection, we had breathing, we had talking, we had vulnerability and power, we had every element we could.

We had knowledge and skills.

And what made that depth of experience possible was the feeling.

That’s where the power is.

That’s where the possibility is.

So many of us want to learn skills and techniques.

And I’m so happy you do, because that’s what many of my workshops are about.

Know this.

That’s simply a doorway.

The power is in the feeling.

In the space of feeling, of opening your heart, opening it more, and then more, that’s where the magic is.

And in that space, with the depth of connection, you’ll know what you need.

So much of our world is about how-to.

Yes it’s important.

And sadly we tend to put such value on the information that we can’t always expand it to knowledge, and the expression of that.

In a pleasure space the expression takes us from sex to making love.

And then beyond that to being love.


Learn about sex.

Learn about your body, his body, her body.

Learn where the pleasure spots are.

Learn about touch, and energy and orgasms and chairs and kundalini and breathing and all the rest of it.

And learn about the heart. Then learn more about the heart.

Then go into the heart, into all that it is.

Experience, explore, discover your heart.


That’s the portal to sacred pleasure.


Thank you my love, for holding that space for me. Thank you for opening your heart and receiving mine.