Education for Love


There are things we are taught that we need to do to live healthy lives.

We’re taught about eating well, exercising, sleeping properly etc.

We’re taught that education, in whichever way we acquire it, is important. We live in an age with the most incredible access to information, so we can learn.


With all this, we still get so little education for some of the most important aspects of life, love, pleasure and relationships.

It’s presumed that we know how to do this, that we know how to be good lovers. Not only the sexual skills, but how to have a relationship, how to communicate, what love is, the purpose of relationship, what intimacy is etc.

We’re not given the tools to solve relationship and sexual problems. In fact, and this applies more to men than women, we’re terrified to even admit these problems, never mind asking for help with them.

We’re not taught, with a deep level of understanding, how to work at a relationship, and what that really means.

We’re not given the understanding that we change, and how do we deal with that.


Think about the time we spend learning about what we do at work, the time we spend learning about our hobbies, food, how to be more effective on our devices etc.

And then think about how much time we spend learning about love.


At best we might go to a few workshops, learn a little about Tantra, maybe some massage, Expanded Orgasm etc.

We immerse ourselves in so much of life.

And yet how deeply do we go into pleasure?

How much do we learn about our bodies, our partner’s bodies, sexual energy, the connection between our hearts and genitals, spiritual sexuality…


Relationships have become disposable, it’s become easier to walk away.

And if we had more education about these we’d probably make different choices about the relationships we have in the first place.

We’d learn more of who we are first, we’d learn to make choices that are about the heart, fulfillment, expansion, growth and possibility.


It takes, energy, it takes effort, it takes time, it takes stamina.

It takes heart to create relationships like this, to love with depth, to explore pleasure.

It takes vulnerability and strength.

And it takes making relationships important, making pleasure a vital part of living and it takes making love a priority.