Energy Sex



Every time we look into each other’s eyes, energy travels from me to you, you to me.
Every kiss, every touch, energy.
I breathe your breath into me, I take your essence, I give you mine.
Every touch, energy.
We go deeper into each other.
There’s a dance of light and colour between us, unseen, yet known.
It sings, it laughs, it shouts, it weeps, we don’t hear it.
I enter you, you receive me, energy.
In the liquid meeting of our bodies, energy.
The opening of the heart takes us even deeper.
Strands, spirals, swirls.
Our bodies are the portals.
Sensation is an energy, waves move through us.
Emotion is an energy, my body, my eyes, my mouth express it.
My whisper in your ear is an energy.
The sweat on our bodies is an energy.
The more we surrender, to ourselves, to each other, the more energy we create.
The more we feel, in every way, the energy expands.
Consciousness gives us choice, to ride the waves of pleasure to places deep within us, beyond us.
The energy surrounds us, flows through us.
It’s a communication of vibration.
With open heart the frequencies expand.
It becomes a field of ecstasy.
Our bodies begin to disappear as we move into the realm of love.
We see more of who we are, far beyond the boundaries of this beautiful physical vessel.
And when we return we are expanded, for the energy remains with us, within us.
And our connection is deepened.
Love …