Enter Through the Heart


Everything changes when the heart becomes the entry point to pleasure.

When the body is the entry point, when the genitals are the entry point, it’s all about desire.

Desire changes, waxes and wanes.

Desire is not always in sync, you feel it, your partner doesn’t, your lover feels it, you don’t.

Your body changes.

When the heart is the entry point arousal grows, deepens, expands.

There are many pathways which open through the heart, they are endless, without limit. They reveal themselves over time. They open you. They take you, layer by layer, into authenticity. They see through illusion.

They see beyond your mask.

There is a flame, when the heart is the entry point. It never quite dies. It may flicker, it may become low. It rises again and again in heated passion.

Desire is in the body.

Passion is in the heart.

The heart loves, it breaks open to love yet more. It keeps the body open. It keeps the body alive.

Make your heart the entry point to pleasure.

There is vulnerability, there is trust, there is communion in the heart.

The heart is the portal to the sacred aspect of pleasure. Energy flows from there to sex, charged, it returns to flow upwards, outwards.

From the heart I see you, I feel you, I know you.

When the heart is the entry point there is love.



Thank you for showing that to me.

Know that as much as you learn from me, you teach me more, you inspire me to search within myself, to reach deep within and without, to grow, to become more.

And in this I love you more.