Erotic Gratitude


These are intense times, with intense energies at the moment.

In this are amazing possibilities of healing, growth, change, learning, expanding.

And one of the most powerful energies we can engage with at the moment is gratitude.


There is such power in this energy, it literally can be life-changing when we feel it and express it in all that we do.

And one of the ways we can do this is through our eroticism.


I talk a lot about patterns, the way we live, how we do what we do.

Sex, as a generalization is the part of life we are least conscious about.

It’s the most patterned in so many ways.

Part of this is the relationship we have with our bodies and our genitals, the relationship we have with our desire, with our sexual energy and all the possibilities they hold.

For most of us the relationship we have with our bodies, and our genitals, is at best, at best, functional. All we’re concerned with is that everything works.

I said at best, because for so many of us the relationship we have with our bodies and genitals is filled with disconnect, judgment, myth and separation. And in deeper states, pain and hurt, numbness and mistrust.


What adds to this lack of consciousness in our sexuality is the education we get for and about sex.

Most of this is fear-based, how not to get HIV and STI’s, how not to get pregnant, or someone else pregnant.

We get very little education for pleasure.

We’re not taught about the context of pleasure, pleasure communication, sexual authenticity, the fullness of who we are as pleasure beings, the possibilities that exist in this part of life, to say nothing about the connection between sex and spirituality.


To heal the disconnect we have with our sexuality, our sensuality, our bodies and our genitals takes time, it takes engagement, it takes going into ourselves.

The energy of gratitude, sexual gratitude, sensual gratitude, erotic gratitude, can be such a big part of this journey.


Let’s begin with you on your own, how you can express, experience and use this energy.

Last week I shared a free webinar on Conscious Self-Pleasuring. If you’d like the link to this please contact me. And to let you know, I am sharing another next week on Conscious Sexuality.

The point of mentioning the webinar is this, it teaches you a range of self-pleasuring practices. When we have more to do, that expands our experience.

Whatever you do, whether your experience is about orgasm, whether it’s a journey into your sensuality, whether it’s about breathing, whether it’s a sexual meditation, whether it’s a sexual energy experience, express gratitude.

In detail.

For your body, for sensation, for feeling.

For everything that you feel.

Talk to your body, talk to your genitals.

Say thank you. Thank you for how hard my cock gets, how wet my yoni gets. Thank you for my orgasm. Thank you for the sensation, the feeling, the intensity. Thank you for the energy that I feel. Thank you for the release I felt afterwards. Thank you for the awareness of my body. Thank you for how connected to myself I feel.


When you share this with your lover it takes you to a space of deep intimacy.

It can be a practice of amazing connection, acknowledgement and beauty.

Expressing gratitude for the pleasure you share opens deep communication and vulnerability.

As I’m writing this, and I think of the ways I’ve shared some of this with my lovers, I am aware of the deep, deep emotion it brings up within us.

Thank you for how aroused I feel with you.

Thank you for how much of myself, my sexuality, the different parts of me I am able to express with you.

Thank you for sharing your body, your mouth, your hands, your breasts, your chest, your belly, your yoni, your lingam, your legs, your anus…with me.

Thank you for your wetness, your hardness, your heat.

Thank you for opening to me, filling me.

Thank you for allowing me to look at you.

Thank you for the way you feel, taste, smell, sound.

Be as explicit, as detailed as you can.


Go as deep as you dare.

Be as open as you’ll allow yourself.

The intimacy and sharing, with yourself and your lover, will open your heart.

It will liberate you from so many inhibitions and withholds and fears.


And the extension of this, because our sexuality is not in a vacuum, it’s connected to all of life, to every part of who we are, and conscious sexuality is about deeper awareness. Because of this we become more conscious in all that we do. And because of this we are able to feel, experience and express gratitude for more of life, in every way.