Erotic Humility







This first came to me in the context of Yoni, and Lingam Massage.

As I sat with it, exploring it, I became aware of how it extends to all erotic and pleasure experiences.


Erotic Humility.


For me the Erotic is the body and the heart. They’re inseparable.

It’s the space where energy expresses itself in sensuality and pleasure.

Not only the sensuality connected to sensuality but the fullness of life, being in a body, in the world.

It’s the space of feeling, of sensation, intuition, inspiration.


Erotic Humility.

As I said, it first came to me thinking about Yoni Massage.

To approach with humility.

In your heart, in your hands.

It’s an inner posture, an awareness.

It brings the moment, the experience into the realm of the sacred.

Whatever the experience is.


Humility is of the heart.

And whatever way that expresses itself, through my eyes, my words, my mouth, my hands, my body, my touch, it becomes an expression of the heart.

A deeper heart, the heart within the heart, that flows through me.


Humility in touch, in pleasure, allows me to be in service, to you.

To connect with your body, your energy, and to allow a flow that expresses itself beyond the mind, beyond thought.

This is a meditation.

And in the connection, from my heart, to yours, we expand into space.


To approach you with humility is to dissolve into knowing, exploring, discovering, connecting.

It’s an expression of intimacy.

In intimacy we are seen, heard, felt, acknowledged, known.

Accepted, loved, safe.


Erotic humility is to see the Divine in you. In your form, in the sensation of you, in your body, your skin. In this is a gift, an offering, of allowing us to experience ourselves, through each other, with each other, in each other.

In pleasure.

Beyond performance, beyond the chasing of perfection, beyond the need to get it right. There’s a freedom in this, it releases us. A freedom to be in the experience, in the moment, in ourselves, in each other.

This freedom brings the mind into the body, into oneness, a union.

There’s a wholeness in this space, within us, between us.


In the wholeness we touch the Divine, see, feel, know that within us. That’s what we are.


Erotic Humility.

To know that our body, the mystery that draws us again and again to each other, is a path to that deeper state.

It becomes a way of being, not simply something we do. The doing is the doorway in. The touch is the pathway in.

The pleasure centre’s in our body, in our hearts, connected, energy moving, flowing, upwards, down to the earth.


There can only be love in the space of humility.

Whatever the context we share, healing, learning, connecting, sharing, experiencing, we become lovers, even for a moment.

If I can feel like a lover, loved, loving, for this time, I can be more of a lover of life.

And we see how the Erotic is a spiritual path.


I learn the strength in the surrender to humility.

I allow the release of illusion.

I come into presence, into being.

I soften.

I become more my body.

I drop into the current that moves me through life.

I dance with the moment, with what’s between us, with what we are.


Erotic humility is a way to the field of possibility.

I look forward to sharing this with you, in person, online, in learning, in love.