Expanded Energy Orgasm



There is such power, such possibility in being relaxed, deeply relaxed, in pleasure.

The body opens, energy begins to flow.

From our sexual centre to the heart, and higher, spreading through the body.

A wave of sexual energy that releases so much that is blocked within us, within the tissues of our body.

A wave of sexual energy that fills us with gentle vitality.

A wave of sexual energy that fills us with gentle bliss.

A wave of sexual energy that melts us, expands us.


Expanded Energy Orgasm is a practice of sexual energy that has many possibilities of healing and pleasure.

As well as these it can also take us into a state of expanded consciousness.


Our sexual energy is a force that can be used for many things.

For most of us it’s about pleasure and for so many of us that is a limited experience, orgasm. A contractive short- lived orgasm that lasts a few seconds. We’ve made this the criterion for a successful experience. We’ve given this idea so much strength that it takes us away from the limitless field of pleasure. It’s a distraction from the power that’s within us.

There is wisdom in our bodies, incredible wisdom, and this sexual energy is one of the ways we can access this wisdom, connect to it, and allow it to move within us.


I’ve been teaching and offering this practice for a long time, in fact it’s one of the first things I started teaching when I began this journey.

And one of the things about it that I love is that it keeps showing me more.


Being relaxed in pleasure allows so much to happen. It helps with so many sexual blockages, firstly because it’s about being relaxed in pleasure, and secondly as it gives the body, the being, access to so much energy.  Relaxation is a vital element of healing, and one that’s so simple we tend to overlook it.


When something stressful or traumatic happens, we contract. When it happens again, we contract more, and again, until the pattern of contraction, connected to that experience, becomes the pattern.


2 examples of this.

At the moment I’m working with a few men who are struggling with early ejaculation, and some women who are experiencing painful sex and not having orgasms.

For the men this is a space of stress, embarrassment and shame. Some of them are even avoiding having sex. The pattern of this is in their minds and in their bodies.


For the women, the pain is most definitely in their bodies, in their yoni’s. As they contemplate penetration they can feel themselves contracting.


As they learn to relax during pleasure, the body, the muscles, the nervous system starts to let go, to release, to relax, to soften. Energy, instead of being concentrated in the pain, or in their body, not doing what it naturally knows how to.  Then the body is able to experience sex differently. The mind realizes something different is happening, it’s able to start having different thoughts around it. The body in turn becomes aware of a different experience, and relaxes into pleasure more.


From a pleasure perspective Expanded Energy Orgasm offers a deeper experience of pleasure.

A contractive orgasm, which is how most people experience sex, lasts a short time. Being in an Expanded Orgasmic space can last for up to two hours, even longer. That makes it very different to a 20 second orgasm! It moves waves of sensation through the body, making it a full-body experience,  that you can sometimes feel for a day or more afterwards. Going so deeply into pleasure, and having so much energy in your body can be a path to an expanded state of consciousness, a sexual energy meditation.


Learning to do this for yourself takes you from goal-oriented masturbation to self-pleasuring. You also have access to deeper states of consciousness, enhanced creativity and energy.


There are a few ways that you can learn and experience this practice.

The first is a live webinar on Thurs 29th Oct, 8 pm South African Time, GMT +2. This is R250, US$22,which includes the webinar, the Expanded Orgasm DVD and E-book.

The next is a live workshop in Cape Town on Wed 11th Nov, which also includes the DVD and E-book.

You can also learn this in a private lesson and have the experience at my studio.

Please email me, jonti@eroslife.co.za, to book for any of these.