Expanded Orgasm


Expanded Orgasm gives you a new view on pleasure.

This is one of the most useful steps on the sexual journey.

On this workshop you’ll learn the importance of a gift of pleasure, the difference between an orgasm and an orgasmic state, how a woman can be in an orgasmic state for over 20 minutes, even longer and 5 experiences for men, which really expand male pleasure possibilities.

You’ll also learn sexual anatomy and how to use sexual energy as a force for healing and meditation.

To create a safe space for everyone the techniques are demonstrated on latex models.

Expanded Orgasm is for singles and couples.


You will learn:

  • Creating Sensual Space
  • An Orgasmic State
  • Sexual Communication
  • Sexual Anatomy
  • Orgasm as Energy
  • Expanded Orgasm for Women
  • Expanded Orgasm for Men
  • Expanded Orgasm for Yourself
  • Sexual Meditation