Expectations and Possibilities


How much of what we feel during sex, during touch, during pleasure is what we expect to feel?

And because we expect it to feel that way, that’s what we feel.

Because it’s felt that way before.

We’ve felt that way before.

Last time and the time before and the time before.

Probably for a long time.

They’re good feelings, good sensations.

And they’re often the same.

Because we, our bodies and our minds, are patterned.

We do the same things in the same way.

We touch in the same way, we kiss in the same way, we lick in the same way, we… in the same way.

And then we expect it to feel as it does, so it does.

Between the expectation and the pattern it’s the same.

There’s nothing wrong with that.

It’s just limited.

And in time we do limited less.

It could be exciting.

It could be an adventure, an endless, limitless adventure.

It could be an exploration that takes us deep into the possibilities of sensation.

And because the patterns run so deeply, we’re not always of the possibilities, of how we could feel, of the intensity, the deliciousness, the subtlety of sensation, of feeling.

We need to do different and we need to be different.

They’re linked.

As we do different, we can be different, and as we be different we can do different.

We need to move from expectation to intention.

The mind and the body are one.

As we create an intention in the mind we open the body to possibility.

As the body experiences something different the mind expands.

Then there’s learning, exploration.

How can we do differently, what can we do?

As we go deeper into that we can access a part of the mind that’s more creative, more intuitive, more inspired.

And we can expand sensation.

We become more present in the body, more aware of what we’re feeling. We can stay with the feelings more. We can follow them. We can explore them.

And we can feel them.

The power is in the feeling.

And the feeling of pleasure, deep pleasure is expansive, creative, energizing, vital, connecting.

Connecting us to ourselves, to another, to life.