Exploring The Erotic Spirit



I was preparing for the webinar I have coming up on Thurs, Exploring the Erotic Spirit, with a smile inside.

It’s based on a workshop I teach called Awakening the Erotic Spirit. For a while I’ve been thinking about how to do that online, and realised in that format I don’t think it’ll work, so I was inspired to do it, with a twist.

The smile was that it’s a workshop that has such a special place inside of me, I developed it for a lover who was looking for something special to do on her birthday. Since then it’s always been one of my favourite things to share.

I was thinking about it, looking where to start, and realised this.

Our Erotic Spirit is a state of mind, a state of our body, a state of our heart. It’s a state of being. It’s as natural to us as breathing. It’s what we’re born with.

And over time, as we grow, as we become socialised in this limited and restrictive system we grow up in, we lose connection with it.

The Erotic within us is the beautiful and free expression of our bodies, of our hearts, of our presence. It’s our sensuality. What we’ve done is put sensuality in connection with sexuality, when it’s not. It’s how we experience life and the world, through our sense, through tasting the delicious, smelling the yummy, hearing the music, feeling the breeze, watching the light change at the end of the day, talking, thinking, feeling, being. Sensuality is how we experience the world, and others, and how we share ourselves with the world. It’s how we experience our own bodies, our own feelings, our own sensations.

And it’s Divinely Erotic.

For me the erotic is the space where body, heart and presence come together.

Allowing whatever there is, to be there.

A tear is as tenderly erotic as a lover’s laugh as a child’s giggle.

The perception we have, what we bring to that moment, makes it what it is, the definition is simply the label we put on it.

The erotic is all-encompassing.

And when we bring those qualities to our lover we bring something so much more, something so deeper. We bring something I’ve discovered. There a journey of exploration that begins with curiosity, becomes interest, grows into fascination and melts into awe. Awe is where we see the Divine. In our bodies, in sensation, in intimacy, in movement, in touch, in breath, in sound. In our sensuality, in our erotic sensuality.

Love-making never ends. It’s not foreplay, having sex, having an orgasm, coming down from that and waiting for the next experience. It’s flowing into love, into different expressions of it. It’s being in an erotic state, all the time. And the energy moves in the body. At times it’s more in the heart, at times it’s more in our genitals, at times it’s moving through the whole body. It’s a fire that never goes out, a tide that never stops. It simply changes its expression. It’s always present. Sometimes gentler, sometimes resting, sometimes an inferno.

And then we see that the erotic is about making love with life.

We do become more sexual when that delicious erotic flows within us, through us, around us. Because we become more vital.

The erotic is vitality. And desires to be expressed in so many ways. And of the most delicious is these beautiful genitals we have, filled with nerves, with sensation, with so much mmmm. And we do look at the world differently. We’re more erotically aware. We see more beauty and more of the beautiful in what we see, what we look at. There’s a deeper appreciation for all of the expressions of life. We might not like every kind of music, we can appreciate the place it has, what it expresses.

When we bring this awareness to our sexuality, it changes, it expands, it deepens. It’s expression becomes wider, more fulfilling. We become more sexually aware, aware of the promise that each moment holds.

Aware of the possibility of living in, with, through, this delicious Erotic Spirit.