Friday Afternoon Coffee


Friday afternoon coffee in the delicious sun, and I’m thinking about the week.
It’s been a roller-coaster.
Waking up a few mornings with an incredible bleakness. The image was of a vast concrete plain, grey sky, cold, empty. Bleak.
Allowing that to sit inside of me. Feeling it in my bones. It’s not connected to anything that’s happening, beyond the state of the world at the moment. Feeling it, and savoring it. Tasting it as metallic on my tongue. Hearing the absence of sound in it. And it rolls somewhere inside as the day begins.

I’m thinking about what I’ve experienced in my workspace this week.
One of the reasons I do this work, Conscious Sexuality, Conscious Life, is that it allows me to express so many different aspects of my self. I don’t know anything else that has the spectrum that this work does.
And a digression, in an online session, someone said ‘this has nothing to do with sex and everything to do with sex’.
That’s where so many journeys start, a sexual issue, a sexual question, a sexual problem. And they expand into our hearts, into so many aspects of life. You see our sexuality is not in a vacuum, it’s connected to every aspect of ourselves. And so many parts of us play out in our sexuality. Our sexuality, our bodies, our genitals, are all portals into life, into ourselves in life.
There are such gifts in exploring our sensual and sexual selves, learning, experiencing.
One of the most powerful of these, and this had come up a lot this week, is the connection that accepting all of our sexual selves brings.
On a spiritual path we learn about separation and unity,how much of the way our world is how we are patterned and conditioned into separation, from ourselves,from our essence. The extension of that is separation from others, from nature. The journey is bringing ourselves home, creating an intimacy with ourselves in which we see all of who we are, all of life within us.

In this week I’ve taught an online Lingam Massage lesson, it’s amazing what technology makes possible.
I’ve done an energy massage that was so real it felt as if we were in the room together, even though we’re on different continents. Energy has no limitations when we open to possibility.
I’ve had a deep conversation with someone after a plant medicine experience that took him deep into pain, and we opened a path of bodywork.
I gave a webinar on Having More Fun with sex, in sex, and asked some great questions, that taught me a lot.
I did the first Conscious Pleasure Massage I’ve done since the lockdown began in March. It was a slow, gentle experience with waves of pleasure moving through her body like rollers in the sea.
And I shared some online sessions with people on healing and growth journeys.
Beautiful, deep sharing.
All of it, the pain, the hurt, the confusion as well as the joy, the understandings, the awareness, the release, the possibilities.

This is our life, all of it.
It’s a constant learning, if our eyes are open, our inner eyes.
If our hearts are open.
If our minds are open.
I love it.
I love sharing it, and I thank you for sharing it with me.