G-Spot Holding




G-Spot Holding is a deep practice of healing and release.

It’s a practice of pleasure.

It’s a practice of feeling and sensation.

It’s a practice of intimacy and connection.

It’s a practice of energy.

It’s a practice of allowing.


Allowing in healing, as that’s where so many of our journeys begin, is important.

In allowing, the body, the wisdom within us, becomes the guide.


For many women the tissues of the Yoni, and more specifically, the G-Spot, hold so much.

These tissues hold the hurts and pain, the inhibitions and limitations.

They hold the guilt and shame of pleasure, of the body.

They hold so much judgment.

They hold every experience of not being touched with love, not being touched gently.

They hold every experience of having sex when you didn’t want to but felt you should, were pressured, were conditioned to.

They hold every experience of being penetrated before you were ready.

They hold every experience of being unfulfilled.

They hold the fear of desire, the fear of your fire.

They hold so much of your heart, so much of your freedom.

They hold so much, sometimes generational patterns sit here in your body.

Tissue that should be alive and awake and sensitive and welcoming and open is numb, tender or even painful.


This is where the sexual journey begins for many women.

The desire to heal, to feel.

Then comes the pleasure.

First, there needs to be the release of these patterns.


There are many different Yoni Massage experiences, and those for healing are different from those for pleasure.

G-Spot Holding is a practice that first offers the possibility of healing and release opening, softening, then pleasure.

When we allow the release these tissues soften, that’s their natural state.

In the softening is the opening, the welcoming, which becomes pleasure.

When we’re holding these points we’re not trying to make healing happen, we’re not doing healing, we’re allowing the body to heal itself, in the time it needs.


G-Spot Holding is just that, a practice of gently holding, and in this, in time, your body begins to release, to let go, to soften.

It requires presence, it requires awareness, it requires intimacy, it requires a connection that puts your heart in your hands.

So often in the world of touch we think we need to move, to stroke, to rub, to caress.

When we’re moving, in touch, as wonderful as that is, the body, the nervous system is active, and often patterned.

In stillness, the body allows itself to release.

Wherever we touch creates an awareness. When I touch your hand there’s an awareness of your hand being touched.

When I hold a point on your G-Spot, there’s an awareness of that. And when there is blockage of the energy there, when it’s not flowing, the touch allows it to start releasing, to move. Holding allows the wisdom within you to guide that. It will connect to other parts of your body, it will bring awareness to mind, it will allow the feelings you need to feel, whatever you need to express to release it.

Some of the points of blockage release quickly, some take longer.

The presence you bring holds the space for that.

We often don’t allow ourselves the time to heal, in a world of quick-fix, of instant gratification, of promises of changing a life-time of patterns in a weekend, of becoming a master in a month.

We don’t understand ourselves in this, our bodies, our nervous systems and our energy.

When we’ve experienced pain and trauma and we try and release too much too quickly we contract even more.

Slowly, gently, we create the space to heal, to release.


Then comes the pleasure.

G-Spot Holding allows for deep pleasure, heightened sensation, a powerful movement of energy.

Your body guides the pleasure.

By holding, rather than moving, your body meets the touch.

When we’re stroking, caressing, rubbing, we’re making something happen. Which can be absolutely wonderful and delicious.

This is a different experience.

It’s deep, it moves waves of pleasure energy throughout your entire body.

It connects to your heart.

It can go on and on and on and on…


It’s a world of possibility, G-Spot Holding.

I offer this as an experience, both for healing and pleasure, which are very often entwined, you can learn it to do yourself, and I teach it to practitioners.