Heal Slowly



Heal Slowly


Heal slowly, for it’s a journey to be savoured.

A journey.

Healing is a continuum, a spectrum, a place within us, a space in our lives that we come to again and again, in different ways.

It’s an allowing that can’t be forced.

It’s an opening to possibility, in many ways, in our bodies, in our minds, in our thoughts and in our energy.

And it’s a journey to be savoured for what we discover of ourselves along the way.

It’s a journey to be savoured for the feelings, the emotions, the sensations, the textures, the nuances of life.

It’s a journey to be savoured for acknowledging who we are, what we done, what we’ve become, and savoured for who we are becoming.


In a world of quick fix, of instant gratification, of immediate response, of ceaseless demands for attention, we want our healing to be the same.

And it often can’t be.

It’s taken us a lifetime to get here.

And we understand now that our life is part of a field of energy that carries patterns from tribes, from family, from cultures, from so many sources.


Some of my understandings of how we are and how we heal are these, briefly:


We live in patterns.

Most of our patterns are subconscious, we’re not aware of them, until we have a problem and we start looking at the patterns.

The patterns are in our minds and in our bodies.

We need healing work, in whatever way we choose to do that, to be a path that allows for both those aspects of ourselves.


Everything is an energy.

All energy has frequency.

Every emotion has a frequency.

Every organ in our bodies has a frequency of optimal health.

Everything we do, everything that’s been done to us, falls into a frequency.

Energy needs to flow, to move.

When it’s not flowing, like a river that gets blocked the water gets dirty and stagnant.

These are the blockages in our lives, in our bodies, in our energy, in our hearts.

These blockages are the hurts, the beliefs, the inhibitions, the limitations, the patterns of the past.


Most of the way we live, what we do, comes from a place of stress.

Most of our patterns are based in pain from the past.

When our bodies have an experience of pain, we contract, again and again.

This becomes the pattern.

To release this needs time.

Too much too quick is overwhelming.

And we tighten up even more.

We need time, we need integration, we need to create new ways of being.


There are 2 theories of healing.

The first is pain-based.

We have a pain, in any aspect of life, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, sexual etc.

All we want is the pain fixed.

Everything we do is compared to the pain, is it better, is it less?


The other theory is about possibility.

How would we be without the pain, what could we do, how could we feel, how could we live?

It opens to ways of being, ways of doing that take us beyond the narrow confines of contraction into expansion.

It doesn’t ignore the pain, it simply says that if we create a state of possibility, if we bring ourselves into alignment, into coherence, many of the pains start to release, they start to transform into opening, into possibility.


And this is the journey to be savoured.

For healing is a journey into ourselves, and this is where we create possibilities.

This is the place we take our judgement off many experiences, from good and bad, to awareness, to the gifts they have for us.

This is where we become more conscious, more aware.

This is where we develop an intimacy with ourselves.

This is where we create connection with ourselves, a relationship, a relationship of possibility.

And this journey cannot be rushed.

When we take the time to savour this, we honour ourselves, we listen to the wisdom within us, and move into alignment with ourselves, and with life.


We do this from a space of love for ourselves, and a space of love for life.