Healers and Lovers





I think we need more lovers than healers.


We need more people to hold a space for us to feel loved in, simply loved.

And this is where the healing happens.

It’s in the space of being.

It’s in the space of being heard, of being seen.

It’s in the space of being who we are, as we are, and in time to come to the deeper parts of who we are. In time to connect with parts we’ve separated from, been separated from. In time to find the essence of who we are.


We need more people to hold us in love.

To hold our feet against their hearts.

To hold our hearts next to theirs.

To stroke our bodies with the intention of love, of tenderness.

To pleasure us with the expectation of simple sharing, giving, and nothing in return.

To honor our bodies for the Divine expression of life we are.

To caress us with hands that speak from the heart.

To hold us in our tears, in our joy, in the celebration of being.

To hold the space, in touch, to allow us to feel intimate, connected.

To hold the space, in touch, to allow us to go within to find our sacred pleasure.

To hold the space, in touch, to allow us to release that which has sat within us for so long.

To hold us, in touch, in love.


We need more people to sit with us in silence. In this silence we find our silence, we find the peace of silence, the knowing of quiet.

We find this after the words have been spoken, after we’ve been heard, after we’ve raged, cried, screamed.


We need more people to hold us, all of us, in love.

For all that we are, all that’s happened to us, all we’ve seen, felt, experienced, has been our life, in joy and in pain.

We may be hurting, deeply wounded.

And in love we’ll come back to ourselves.


We can only offer this love, from love.

From our own journey, from going into ourselves. From not needing to fix you, but to see you. From the simple sharing of the heart. We can only do this knowing our own heart.

We can only do this with the vulnerability of openness, with the willingness to reveal ourselves. That’s where our hearts meet.

In love.


There’s something about love I’ve seen recently. It expands the way I’ve seen love.

Over time, more sitting opposite someone in a work space than anywhere else, although not exclusively.

There’s an opening in my chest, in my heart. It blooms, expands. It’s warm. In a moment it’s so personal for the person sitting opposite me, online as well as in person. It’s an energy, it’s not limited to time or space. And in a moment it’s so objective, so much more than us.

It comes with something, an awareness, of words and touch. What to say, in a way that my mind cannot know. To touch, to hold, in a way that my mind cannot know. It comes straight from the heart.

It’s a love that takes us where we need to go, to see what we need to see. It’s a love that guides us where to touch, to hold. It’s a love that brings the words that need to be said.

It’s a love that holds onto nothing beyond the moment.

It’s not always gentle.

It’s a love that simply shows us, allows us, to connect with, to feel, to know, to express more of who we are.


These are the Lover’s for us to sit with.

In this love, healing happens.


As I begin to prepare for my practitioner’s training later this year, I’ll have details for you soon, I see that this is what I’d like to share, to be a lover more than healer. For creating a space, from within us, where love is, where possibility is. As important as learning the practices are, more important is for us to learn ourselves, our hearts, our love.