Healing Through Pleasure




Tonight I’m sharing a webinar on Healing Through Pleasure.

It’s an idea that I come back to again and again in my work.

Most people who come and see me, at least that’s where the journeys begin, come looking for healing. There is an issue, a problem, a pain that they’d like to change.

A digression for a moment, not all journeys start that way. There are many people who are looking to learn, explore and grow, where the journeys are not motivated by pain. This by itself is really interesting, as there are people who will choose growth and expansion as a force for change rather than hurt.

The model I work with is expansion.

When we focus on the pain, whatever that is, we tend to get stuck in the pain, that becomes the focus, it becomes a contractive space.

From an energy perspective that’s one stream, one frequency in the field of unlimited possibility.

When we work with expansion we become open to different ways of doing this, different perspectives. We come to see the patterns that we’ve lived with, that keep us doing what we do, and we see how we can change these.

There are so many ways to do this, and the energy and practice of pleasure is a beautiful and powerful path for healing.

I have started seeing people again in my studio, face to face, not just online, and doing bodywork again.

A big part of this is pleasure experiences.

There is an intention to these experiences, we’re using the energy of pleasure, making it available in the body. Within our bodies is amazing wisdom. So many of our patterns, which manifest in the form of blockages in our lives, are in the body. Through touch, through building sensation, we make this available for the body for healing, release, relaxation and change.

The energy of pleasure has a frequency that allows so much to happen.

When it comes from the heart, through the heart as an expression of love, something deep inside of us is touched.

Our energy changes, we open, we let go.

There’s a frequency in the energy of pleasure that makes so much possible.

When we talk about pleasure it’s important to ask what that means.

In my work there are many different expressions of this.

Here’s an example.

One of the practices I developed is called a Sensual Bondage Massage.

It’s an experience of sensation,of allowing sensation to move energy. This is not about pain, it’s about sensation. It’s about allowing yourself, for many, to go somewhere in an experience they’ve never been.

I shared this experience with someone who never even thought about things like this, as part of a healing journey.

On one level, the physical, it was delicious, sensual, arousing.

On another it was the willingness to have a different experience and expand her limitations, her inhibitions, her beliefs about something.

The week after the experience when I saw her again she spoke about her freeing it was, and how much freedom she was starting to give herself in every area of life. It showed her how many limitations and judgments she’d put on herself, others, life, relationships and sex. She saw the depth of so many patterns in that.

Another experience was a Kashmiri Massage. Kashmiri Massage is a dance, a meditation of the body, of energy, the heart, sensation. So much happens in this. It’s an intimate experience, you’re held against my body. The presence of this creates safety, relaxation, deep release, connection. I shared this with a man and a woman. For him it was the first time he had been that close to another man. There was so much in that, such fear, such disconnect from himself. There was a lifelong story of loneliness and defence, armoring and keeping people away.

In the experience he felt, he cried, the first time in 20 years. One naked human being with another.

For the woman I shared this with, a very sexual woman, but unfulfilled. She had orgasms, lots of orgasms, easily, that were empty. The massage touched her entire body, every part of her, her ears, her toes, bringing her into a space where she felt whole. It want about her yoni, it wasn’t about orgasm, it was about her, all of her.

There’s a shift in perspective, in perception, a mind shift when we heal through pleasure.

We’ve been so conditioned that it’s painful, hard, a struggle. Of course that’s a part of the journey. We’re not ignoring the pain, we’re not suppressing the pain.

There is simply more, and other ways to release and to be.

It’s showing us that our sexual energy, our sensual energy, all the amazing nerves we have connected to pleasure, our beautiful, magical, mysterious body and genitals are portals, gateways, keys to possibility.

Its also the space where we begin to see that our sexual energy has such power, if we’re willing to expand the way we see, and the way we do sex.

Healing becomes growth, becomes expansion, becomes exploration, becomes possibility.

Becomes pleasure.