Heart Arousal




When your arousal is from your heart everything changes.

Your body follows your heart. The more open your heart, the more the energy flows in your body.

The more open your heart, the deeper the arousal.

In this space the arousal begins beyond the physical. The source is elsewhere, within you. It moves to the physical to your body, deeper, more intense than you’ve felt it before. It moves back to your heart, opens your heart more. Spirals outwards, to your sexual centre’s, through your body, outwards, expanding you. Each circle on the spiral opens you more. You go deeper into yourself. Deeper into connection.

The arousal that begins in the heart is an expression of my love. Desire is a manifestation of this.

My body responds differently.

The quality of erection, the control I have is deeper. Naturally. There is no force, there is no effort.

The center is the heart, the body is an extension.

The quality of lubrication, of openness flows. There is no effort.

Sensation is more intense.

Breathing is more natural as it follows the waves of pleasure moving through the body.

Pleasure becomes bliss becomes ecstacy.

You feel these, knowing what they are, rather than simply words we use.

Union follows its own rhythm in the body.

There is no goal.

There is an intention of intimacy, of pleasure, of being.

There is an intention of expressing my heart through being within you.

There is an intention of you expressing your heart welcoming me within you.

The spiral spreads wider as energy flows.

There is no explosion, no gasping release. Rather there is implosion, melting, dissolving, disappearing into Love.

There is expansion rather than contraction.

There is opening.

Of the body, of the mind, of the energy.

There is connection with the essence of who we are, a knowing of that through the experience of that.

The opening of my heart, the opening of your heart, the union of our hearts, expressed through the union of our bodies is the pathway.

Sacred sex.

Making love.

I have been exploring, practicing and teaching in the field of Conscious Sexuality and Sexual Energy for nearly 20yrs. The deeper I go the more I find the heart is the key.

With my lover, when we are in that heart space desire is an internal thing. It’s not about thoughts or images or fantasies. In fact we’ve both seen that the fantasies we’ve had have no charge anymore.

Our bodies respond differently in that we have much greater physical and energy control without doing anything. It’s not about a technique or a practice, it’s about being.

The arousal of the heart lasts much longer goes much deeper. The sensations we feel are more intense. There are layers beyond layers beyond layers. There may be no limitation on this, already we struggle for words for the experiences.

One thing with this that I would like to share is that it’s there for all of us.

It takes time, it takes patience.

The place we’re at is the result of deep internal work.

But it’s there for all of us.

It’s transformational, touching every aspect of our lives.

It’s inspiring.

It’s taken us to places of being able to accept every aspect of our sexuality, more than accept, integrate and see how they connect to ourselves in ways that have nothing to do with sex.

It’s creative.

It allows us to connect with and express so many parts of ourselves, to be more in the world with joy, to understand sensuality and see what that really means.

It allows us to play more, in every way.

It grows us more, in every way.

It challenges us more, in every way.

It teaches us more of who we are.

And we LOVE More!