Heart-Centered Sexuality


For a while I’ve been moving more into a heart space in my work and life.


Then a woman of extraordinary beauty, magic and power came into my life and opened new worlds of pleasure, love, energy and understanding.

From our relationship and experiences, that have taken me deeper into the heart space, I’ve come to see its place in healing, growth, exploration and learning.


And so comes into being HEART-CENTERED SEXUALITY.


I look at what I’ve been writing, teaching and talking about lately.


It’s been a shifting perspective, an expansion that comes from the way we’ve been communicating, the pleasure we’ve shared and the awakening and learning that it’s brought about.


We come to sex and relationships from so many places other than a Conscious Heart.

We come to sex and relationships without an understanding of love and pleasure, and their possibilities. We’re given no education for these absolutely vital aspects of life.

We come to sex and relationships without understanding the choices we have.

We come to sex and relationships, to life, without understanding the place of the heart.


The heart, our hearts, are the center of healing, change and growth. It all comes from there.

Sex, sensuality, intimacy, all come from the heart.

We need to into the body, we need to go into the mind, we need to go into energy.

The center is the heart.

Everything flows from the heart.


HEART-CENTERED SEXUALITY is the space of connection.


First with ourselves.

And until we’re connected to our own hearts, connecting to another, others, life itself, is always going to be limited, contracted, narrow, inhibited.

When that opens, life opens.

Creativity, in all aspects of life, expands.

The choices we make change, to be choices that lead to greater fulfillment.


I’ve written and spoken a lot about healing through pleasure, the more pleasure energy in our bodies, the more we’ll heal and grow.


I add to this, healing through the heart, through love.

The connection between love and pleasure, heart and sexual centre’s is direct and vital. That’s the channel we need to open.

And we’ll open it more from the heart.

That’s where the power is.


HEART-CENTERED SEXUALITY offers an expanded perspective and way to heal, grow, learn and create relationships and pleasure experiences.

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, whatever your orientation, there’s a place for you on this beautiful journey.

In my work of sexual healing, learning and exploration, this deepens space, widens the possibilities and opens new processes. Come and talk to me, I’ll explain the framework to you and see how you can help yourself heal.