Heart Time

Heart Time
Heart Time is where your relationship happens.
That’s the space it heals in, that’s where it grows, that’s where intimacy is, that’s where connection happens.
We need to learn to make heart time.
In increasingly busy lives we have less, often because we don’t see the importance of it. And so often, when we’re not connecting, we look for sex as the way to connect with each other.
Sex is great, sex is important.
But to have sex is easy. Even when we’re tired sex is easy. We don’t always need a lot of foreplay, we have lube, one of us is pretty much guaranteed an orgasm, hopefully both of us, and it’s done. It’s not always intimate, and often more about the release than anything else.
When we can see beyond the release, beyond the de-stressing that that kind of sex is, we realise that we’re actually looking for connection. We’re looking for the heart space.
And we often don’t have much idea of how to communicate that, ask for it, and what it is that we do.
We want the intimacy and generally see sex as the way to get it.
Sex can be incredibly and deeply intimate. It can be a space of connection of minds, bodies, hearts and souls. But then we need to be having a very different kind of sex for that.
It needs time, it needs presence, it needs an understanding of sexual energy, it needs communication.
And it needs heart.
For most of us, arousal is the entry point to sex.
Heart sex is different.
And the more you’re in heart space, the more sex you will have.
But the purpose of Heart Time is not always sex. In fact sometimes that’s what takes you out of heart space. Sex generally follows a pattern, and the goal is orgasm.
Heart Time feeds our souls.
Heart Time is where we find each other.
Heart Time is where we talk, where we listen.
Heart Time is where we weave the web of us.
Heart Time is learning to create a space, why that’s important.
Heart Time is learning about breathing, about touching.
Heart Time is about sensuality.
Heart Time is about the ritual of relationship.
And from my heart opening and connecting with yours, Heart Time is where love happens.