It’s the beginning of the year so it’s a great time to introduce, and re-introduce myself to you.

There’s also a lot that’s new in my work which is another good reason.

But first, a digression, I love digressions.

The only thing that’s going to make this year different, regardless of what’s happening externally, is our own inner journeys of healing, growth, learning and experience. That’s it. There is so much more to be said about this, books have been written about, there are so many talks and videos, about it.

The simplicity of it is just that, it’s about our inner journey.

Digression over.

I am a Conscious Sexuality Practitioner and Teacher based in South Africa.

I work with people of all orientations, singles and couples, on journeys of healing, learning, growth and exploration. I do this online, wherever you are in the world, as well as in person.

I offer a whole range of workshops, lessons, retreats and events.

Last year I shared a webinar with you almost every week from the time the lockdown started. These will start again on Thursday 14th Jan. This will be Free, we’ll talk about The Power of Intention and Possibility, in Pleasure, in S*x, In Love and Relationship and in Life. I’ll share the link on Mon.

I’ve so enjoyed these webinars, and the way we’ve been able to connect and share, make our world a home and bring us closer.

As many of you know I write lots, and I love sharing these pieces with you. I hope to publish some of them in a book this year. I thank you for your likes, shares and comments, whatever they are.

The sharing is important to me. One of the things I learned, and that landed deeply in me, is that I do the work I do, the sessions, teaching, massaging, writing, talking etc, as an expression of myself, I don’t know anything else that would give me the space of so much expression. There’s a learning here for all of us, that takes what we do from a job to a deeply personal expression. This changes so much, particularly the presence, the heart we bring.

I’ve also created an audio book, Let’s Talk About S*x, and a range of educational DVD’s, that are on my website, www.eroslife.co.za. I offered the range of DVD’s for a special price over the holidays, and I’m happy to make that available for 1 more week, go to the Holiday Special in the store.

A big part of the new has been bringing different ways of massaging and touch together. My journey began with massage. Another quick digression…

I was at university studying psychology and in the course there were some touch studies, what happens to people who don’t get touched, who have no physical affection. That really interested me and so I went to learn a basic massage course, which I really enjoyed, and more than 20 years later, here we are. There’s a lot more to the story, and some of it is in a series of pieces I wrote called The Making of an Erotic Massage Therapist. This brings up the discussion as to why I used the word ‘Erotic’ instead of ‘Tantric’. One of the pieces explains some of that.

If you’d like to read the series please send me your email address.

Learning Kashmiri Massage and thinking about the different ways to express that gave me the idea of how to bring years of learning, and mostly developing my own work, together.

Most people’s journey with sensuality and sexuality begins with healing. Then expands into all aspects of life. There’s something so many people say as part of the journeys we share, and I love it, is that it has everything to do with sex and nothing to do with sex. The only way this work is effective is if it’s about all of who we are, nothing in isolation, every part of us included. And our bodies are where so much is expressed and experienced. And even when we work online, so many of the practices I share are in the body.

I so look forward to sharing this development with you, in person, and online, as I create, after talking about it for so long, I will acknowledge a procrastinatory streak, as I create courses of the practices I teach one-on-one and in the webinars.

Any help you’re able to offer, with publishing, with putting the courses together etc, will be greatly appreciated.

I love to share, with my words, with the journeys, with the webinars, and I thank you for the platform, and the connection.

I look forward to expanding these, deepening these, as we create more of the world we’d like to live in, as expressions of our own hearts, our beings.

For those of you in South Africa there are some exciting events coming up, Intimacy, Sensuality, Pleasure and Tantric Massage – An Exclusive Retreat for Couple’s.

The first Water Flow Massage for the year is on Tues 26th Jan.

And a new workshop/experience Aqua Release, which I am so excited about, this is with my friend Christos, an amazing facilitator. It brings elements from some very divergent fields together in an experience of deep surrender and release into life.

The info is on my page.

I Wish You A Year of Possibility!


PS The picture was taken at Ponto Malongane, one of the magical places on the planet, in Southern Mozambique. One of the retreats I offer is here, where we swim with wild dolphin. Being in the water with these creatures is magnificent, they touch something deep inside of us. We had to cancel the retreat last year, and I hope we’ll be able to share it later this year.