Holding Presence



One of the most intriguing aspects of this journey of teaching is the learning that keeps coming.
During a Water Flow Massage experience I had a beautiful opportunity to do this. I don’t often participate in the experience, and this week I allowed myself that gift. It brought an incredibly important element of the experience, and of touch and healing work to mind. There are so many elements of this work that from time to time we tend to forget some of them.
One of the simplest, and deepest, most powerful parts of touch is holding.
With presence.
And that’s the key.
To be present in that space.
Holding someone with love, with tenderness is always going to be beautiful and healing. It’s going to give safety and comfort.
Add compassion and it’s going to go even deeper in touching something inside of you.
Be present, and worlds of possibility open up.
Presence means that you’re there, in body, in mind and in heart.
You feel the person you’re holding. You feel their body, their breath, their heat, their weight. You connect with them by being there, in that space. You hold that space and allow them to be, to feel, to do what they need. To breathe, to relax, to sigh, to cry, to tremble, to relax, to release, to laugh, to struggle…
And you’re there. Your mind doesn’t wander, you don’t go somewhere else. You stay there with them. You are present. And your presence creates the allowing. The connection is deeper. They feel it in their cells, in their heart, in the very life energy that flows through them. And you feel it too. For in presence you hold the space for yourself as well. The giving is the receiving. It becomes a meditation. The space of holding meditates you. The connection meditates you. The intimacy meditates you. Both of you.
It is intimate, holding someone, so close, with such presence.
The intimacy allows the healing. For a moment you’re the lover healer. Don’t be scared of love in this space, giving or receiving. It’s where the power is. It’s where the heart is. It’s where we want to be, where we long to be.
To hold, and to be held
With Presence,
That is sacred.