Holding Space


Holding Space


Who will hold space for you my love?

Who will hold space for your fire?

Who will sit with you in the night as you burn your anger to the heavens, as your tears pour into the earth, as your body shakes in its release of a lifetime of hurt, as you scream your rage to the stars?

Who will hold you in the quiet when there are no more tears to cry, when your body is spent and breath becomes calm?

Who will hold space as you open your heart for your love to burn forth into life, a love that’s everything you are, a love that flames as a beacon in the dark, a love brightens even the day?

Who will hold space as you release yourself into pleasure, ecstasy that consumes your body, a fire of bliss that transcends you from human to immortal?

Who will hold space as you heal the wounds of the past that kept your small, contained, fearful and judged? As you free yourself to walk as a giant on the earth, each step you take echoing out into life, each word you speak touching countless beings?

Who will hold space for your fire, as you grow from spark to flame to inferno?

Who will look into your fire, see you burn away all that is illusion to reveal a heart, a soul, a body so beautiful that is but a reflection of Great Mystery?

Who will bring a fire to join with yours, to be forged into one in the alchemical fire of love?

And I stood in the quiet…