Honouring Love


My learning of life, of consciousness, has brought me to see that everything is connected, and that everything has a purpose.


We honour that purpose through experience and expression.

We engage, with ourselves, all of who we are, with others, with our world.

We go into ourselves to learn who we are. We explore ourselves, mind, body, heart and soul.

We honour our journey with openness and questions.

We honour life with acceptance and looking for what connects us.


We honour our hearts by loving.

By being vulnerable and allowing love.

By allowing ourselves to be loved, and in this we give another the space to love.


We honour our bodies in so many ways.

In moving, in feeling, in sensation, in emotion, in pleasure, in tears, in laughter, in seeing, in speaking, in listening, in smelling.

We allow ourselves the fullness of sensation, of touch, of giving and receiving.

We allow ourselves the depths of pleasure, understanding the portal it is to so much more.

We allow ourselves the sensuality of life, our contact with nature, with the wind, the earth, the fire and the water.


We honour our minds by learning, by thinking, by expanding and developing them.

We honour our creativity by its expression in crafting ourselves, our lives, our world.


We honour our spirit by forgiving.

By seeking connection, by seeking to go beyond what we see, by opening that within us that allows us to see more.


We honour ourselves and others with the acknowledgement of presence.

We say, here I am life, live through me, with me.

We walk the earth, the beaches, the roads, the mountains, the fields.

We walk the mystery of being, the paths within.

We look to nature to learn of surrender.

We open the eyes within us to see beyond illusion.


We honour ourselves by seeing all that prevents us loving.

And we honour ourselves by loving ourselves to express the beauty of who we are in a world of endless possibility.