I See You


There is an important element in relationships, in love, of being seen.

It goes beyond being just being seen with the eyes.

I See You.

It means to be seen, yes, and to be heard, to be acknowledged.

With attention, with presence.

From the heart.

It’s being seen with the eyes of my heart, heard with the ears of my heart, touched with the hands of my heart.

With awareness.

My energy, my being, engages with yours. I reach out from inside of myself. I open a space inside of me that’s for you, that takes you in to me.

There’s a ritual of seeing.

It’s not in passing. It’s not in how was your day while we’re cooking and talking about work and kids and arrangements while we’re emailing and on FB.

It takes time to see someone, it doesn’t have to be a long time. It’s separate time and space. We create space to see each other. We allow the intention to be there, to surround us.

It’s the space of feelings, of ideas.

It’s a space of vulnerability, where we reveal ourselves, where we allow ourselves to be revealed, exposed, open.

It’s a space where we see the power of being open, the strength there is laying ourselves bare. For if you’re willing to see me, I need to be willing to show myself.

We create this space.

And in time, with time, over time, with patience, we build the vessel of safety to drop our masks, layer by layer. To let the armour of protection fall clanging to the ground.

And we see that what we thought was protection wasn’t. Our hearts still broke. We still sat in pain.

More than that, it kept us sharing ourselves, showing ourselves, keeping ourselves within.

We see that without these masks we become free.

The power of seeing me helps me become freer still.

We witness the possibilities.

We create the possibilities.

And with eyes that see more than they ever have, we see the more of what love is.