If I Were To…



If I were to write something today about sex and energy I would write that sex changes when it becomes an energy experience more than a physical one.

That the physical, our bodies, our beautiful bodies, and our genitals, our delicious genitals, Yoni and Lingam, are portals to worlds of energy, to worlds of experience, to worlds of intimacy that, like the universe, are without limit.

That when we engage in this union we express the cosmic principle of eternal experience, that if being.

That when we are in this state we are one with ourselves, one with another and one with life. In oneness there is no separation, there is no you, no I. There is simply being.

That we have been given, that we have created, that we have developed, this body to have this experience.

That all that is in this body, every sense we have, those we know as sensual, physical, and those we see when we go within, energy, sensation, intuition, inspiration, knowing and more, is to have this experience.

That making live is first about making love for ourselves, with ourselves. And then making love with you is an expression of my love, for I experience my love with you, in you, through you.

And that perhaps we cannot make love, for love is there within us in every breath we take, every moment we live, and all that we do in this union is consciously express it. And when we do, we see that everything we do can be making love with life.

It’s all, every word, every breath, every sight, every sound, every word, every taste, every sensation, every hurt, every laugh, everything, in connection to my body, to my heart, making love.


And then If I were to write something about how to have this experience I’d write this.

I’d tell you that it’s a practice.

And I’d tell you that this means it takes practice, and that it takes time.

And I’d tell you that it involves your body, your mind, your heart, your breath, your energy.

That it involves movement and stillness.

That it involves quiet and sound.

That involves going within and opening.

That it involves rhythm and connection.

That it involves everything that makes up who you are.

That it involves knowing that almost everything you’ve done, until you see it, is a pattern. A pattern of limitation. Freedom is beyond this. Expansion is beyond this.

And the practice will show you that, the practice will guide you.

The practice will take you into yourself to see the magnificent and beautiful mystery that you are.

The practice will show you the possibility that you are.


And if I were to write something that would tell you where to begin I would write this.

Place your hand on your heart space, in the middle of your chest.


Breathe into that space.

Breathe out from that space.

Breathe slowly, breathe deeply.

Breathe until you are your breath.

Start slowly.

5 minutes, twice each day.


And then a little longer, and a little longer.

And then I’d tell you to be patient.

And I’d tell you to feel everything that you feel.



And then I might add one more thing to consider, if I were to write something about sex and energy.

I’d write something that says start to become aware of energy.

That everything to do, meaning everything you look at, everything you say, everything, is an energy. And your energy is going outwards and into, into, that’s important, into, every person, every tree, every animal. Or goes into, not just the surface, into, beyond the skin.

So be aware of your energy and the space around you, and be aware of what you can put in this space, gratitude, appreciation, understanding, connection…


That’s if I were going to write something about sex and energy.

And if I were going to write something about possibility.