I’m For The Slow



I’m for the slow….

For in the slow we feel.

In the slow we savour.

In the slow is the subtle.

In the slow is presence.

In the slow is appreciation.

In the slow is awareness.

In the slow our hearts open.

In the slow our bodies open.

In the slow we come into awareness.

I’m for the slow…


I’m for walking slowly.

For watching the sunset in the time it takes.

I’m for slowly knowing you, as we share our words, our thoughts.

I’m for slowly knowing life through watching, learning, seeing, hearing, feeling, sensing, being.


I’m for slowly going deeper into myself, revealing the pathways that take me inwards.

I’m for sitting in slow silence with myself.

I’m for feeling the intimacy with life in that space, the oneness that reveals itself to me.


I’m for healing slowly, with gentleness, with kindness to myself.

I’m for releasing, opening, softening in the time it needs, the time my body needs, the time my heart needs.

I’m for slowly receiving myself, meeting myself.

I’m for the joy of being slowly arising within me, my awareness of it opening as my inner seeing becomes clearer.


In slowness there’s a knowing.

In slowness there is sustenance, substance.

Slowness endures.

Slowness deepens, expands.

Slowness is where I hear my heart, where I hear the wisdom within myself.



I’m for slow coffee and slow eating.

I’m for slow breaths, especially sitting in yab-yum with you, your body against mine, your breath in rhythm with mine.

I’m for how we melt into each other in that slow space.


I’m for long, slow kisses, where our mouths, our lips, our tongues can dance a whole night.

I’m for my eyes moving slowly over your body, so I see you. I see your curves, your valleys, your plains, your rises. I see everything when I look slowly. I see the shape of you in the world.

I’m for slow touch, oh yes I am!

I’m for the texture of your skin, your body.

I’m for the contours of you.

I’m for exploring you slowly so that I feel you, the heat of you, the soft of you, the hard of you.

I’m for knowing you.

I’m for slowly understanding the layers of you.

I’m for slowly knowing the scent, the taste, the sound of you.

I’m for slow sex, oh yes I am!

Slow, deep, long, so long.

I’m for you opening slowly to welcome me.

I’m for sliding so slowly inside you that I feel everything.

I’m for looking into your eyes in that moment and seeing you, seeing you.

I’m for love making that in its slowness allows us to feel, each other, our bodies, our hearts, our energy.

Slowly we feel the waves that build inside of us, waves that mix, merge, subside, to rise again.

Slowly we feel the subtlety, the nuance.

Slowly our skins merge into one being.

Slowly the fire burns.

Slowly our breath deepens, as you breathe into me, me into you, as we breathe each other.