In Service to The Heart Touch



I have been doing and teaching massage and touch for almost 30 years. The past 20 plus years in the field of Conscious Sexuality, Kashmiri Massage, Pleasure Massage, Yoni Massage, Taoist Massage, Lingam Massage, Energy Massage, Sensual Awakening Massage, Anal Massage and more.


Over the past months of lockdown, and in South Africa it’s been strict, I haven’t been able to touch.

This has brought its own gifts, in looking at new ways to share, which has brought about the weekly webinars and Sensual Saturday Nights, which I’ve loved.

It’s also given me time to reflect on touch, on how I do what I do, what the possibilities of this are, where it can expand to.

I’ve always said that there is no limit to pleasure, no limit to touch.

And I look forward, soon, to be able to share what I’ve learned with you.


There is a touch, a way of touching that is an expression of the heart.

It begins with connecting with our heart, with our Heart Centre.

Feeling into the heart.

Breathing into the heart.

Allowing the energy of the heart, the frequency of the heart, to flow into our hands.

To lay our hands on the body, and to be aware of the body as an aspect of the divine.

To touch in this way, to stroke in this way, to caress in this way, is to be in prayer, in meditation, in communion with this sacred body.


Touch in this way is Making Love.

Touch in this way, there is no giver and receiver.

Touch in this way allows the body to open, to release, to soften, to let go.

Healing, and I’m really thinking a lot about what healing is these days, healing happens. We don’t make it happen, we don’t look for it, we don’t seek it, we don’t try and make it happen.

We allow it to happen.

We allow the body to let go.

We allow the nervous system to begin to soften.


We live, for so long, and in these past months more than ever, with so much tension, so much stress, that it’s become our default setting. It’s so deep within us that we don’t even know it.

This tightens us.

It tightens every aspect of our body and being.

In this tension there is no flow.

When there is no flow, energy can’t move.

When there is no flow, we are separate from life. We disconnect from nature, we disconnect from ourselves.

So many people have so little sensation in their bodies.

Isolation, quarantine, have taken so many even deeper into this.

We often don’t realize the importance of touch to our health on so many levels.

We often don’t realize how addicted to the feelings of stress we’ve become.

We often don’t realize how deeply set the patterns that come from stress play out in all aspects of life.


When we touch from the heart we amplify the sensations, the feelings.

When we add pleasure, we amplify that even more.

We allow the touch, for both of us, to be the medium, the language of connection.

Touch from the heart is intimate.


Touch in this way is not a technique, it’s not a protocol.

It’s a connection.

A connection to myself, a connection to you, a connection to the power of touch to move my hands.

Within us there is an intelligence, a knowing what we need, what to do, how to do.

Learning to listen to that is the journey.

We hear it in the silence, we hear it in the stillness.

We hear it when we wait for our hands to move.

And when we do, something happens.

We’re able to let go of what we hold onto. We’re able to feel something different.

And the more we feel something else, something that may be softer, more open, more relaxed, more receptive, easier, we may find that we prefer that.

And we may see that we have a choice on how we can feel.

The more we do this, the more we change our state of being.

And the more we do this, the more we become aware of possibility.


The Heart Touch is the touch of love.

As we move into a more open space may we give ourselves this gift of love.

In learning this we learn about ourselves, we heal ourselves.

In sharing this we make love.