In The Giving


It’s often been said that the receiving is in the giving.

This is showing to be so true in the learning of Healing Massage.


In this space the giving becomes a teacher and healer.

A teacher not only of touch, but of meditation, of sensation, of connection, of intimacy, of energy, of sensuality, of presence.

A teaching that reflects in so many other aspects of life, and as we become more aware in this space, we’re able to take these learnings into life.


It connects you deeply with yourself, with your body, with your breath.

You become aware of awareness, of consciousness, of presence. You become aware when you’re not present, and how to come to presence. You become aware how quickly your mind takes you elsewhere, out of the moment, out of what you’re doing. You become aware of the distraction of the mind.

And you become aware of how to stay longer in presence.


You become aware of the beauty of the body through touch.

This is so much deeper than the way anyone looks, than the judgments of a society with such narrow definition of beauty. The way a body feels under your hands is beautiful, fascinating. It awakens a curiosity to connect with the skin, with what’s beneath the skin, with the heat of a person, with the rhythm of their breath, with the movement of their blood, with their energy, their life force as your hands talk to them in a language that allows a conversation of life.

And in this we cannot help but see the beauty within.

And in this we acknowledge the judgements we’ve held on the way so many people look, and the distance we’ve created from this, the disconnect we’ve lived with.


From this we learn so much about intimacy.

About how intimacy has more to do with us than we think. That well be as intimate in any moment as we allow. That the more open we become, the more someone, anyone responds to us. And that on its own is huge learning in a world of disconnect, of the need we feel to separate ourselves from others, to protect ourselves and armour ourselves.

And how in this space we can open to a level of intimacy, that opens our hearts, that takes us deeper into ourselves.

And in this the expression is that of love. And it’s about us loving, feeling, allowing that inside of us. And the more we feel that, the more we share that, the more of it there is.

And then we see how much we’ve held back, not only with our lovers, not only with those close to us. With so many people. And if someone will reach out and touch, and someone will be willing to receive that, we’ll, you can see what can happen…


And then we learn about intention, which is so connected to consciousness.

The intention to touch someone in a way that’s honoring and respectful.

The intention to ease someone’s hurt, to help them release, to help them feel, to help them come into their body, to help them come into sensation.

In awareness of this we become aware of how much we’ve lived without that intention.

How many touch experiences have just been there, just happened, a pattern, a habit, the use of someone’s body for our own pleasure.


In the awareness of these things, and so many more, in the giving of this touch we are able to heal ourselves. As we spend time in this touch we feel how different it becomes as something within us changes. And we see the power of possibility in this as a practice.

The giving becomes the receiving, the receiving becomes the giving. It spirals within us, it spirals outwards into another, it spirals in expansion into life.

For these things we experience become the way we live.

It’s the way of touch.


And you thought you were coming to learn Sensual Massage, Sexual Energy Massage!


Yes you will.

You will learn how to touch in amazing ways.

You will learn how to give someone amazing pleasure.

You will learn about the body, and energy, and the genitals, and sexual energy and and and.


And you’ll learn more about yourself.

And you’ll learn what it is to give, what that means.

And you’ll learn to love.

And you’ll learn about your heart.

And you’ll learn about possibility, what that really means.


And you’ll learn how learning to give can heal you.

And how that time in touch can change you enough to change yourself, and in doing that change so much else.


Come and learn, come and experience it.