In The Silence





In the silence we look

In the silence we breathe

In the silence we touch

In the silence we feel


There is a place beyond words

Where the silence has substance

It weaves around us

With palpable subtlety it slips into us

It deepens everything

Intensifies our feelings

Enhances out touch

Allows us to look into the spaces between what we see

So that what our eyes rest upon

We see into


The strands of silence thicken

A cocoon that shimmers at the edge of our breath

And as it weaves a world within a world around us

We see more, feel more

Our breath is a joined tide

Ebbing and flowing the life force through us

Awakening deeper sensations, deeper feelings

As it unlocks long dormant sensitivities

Waiting in the depths of our being

Rising to the surface of our skin, through our heart

As our breath, our touch, our emotion expand

To an exquisite point

Of everything and nothing

We cease to be

Yet are more than ever

We are a concentration

And a dissolution so vast

We cannot guess its edges

But our feeling, our touching, our breathing

Are a textured consciousness

And in the mystical silence

We are forever.