Lessons in Sacred Sexuality 3


They sat in the twilight as the day darkened into the softness of night.

The waves were soft coming onto the beach and the whisper carried the sound to where they sat in peaceful quiet.

Their eyes met, and they breathed a sigh, a smile of knowing in this moment of intimacy. There was an energy in their gaze, palpable, as it met, was met.

In this gentle night, he said, i offer you a sacred moment.

A moment where I worship you.

A moment where your body is an altar.

A moment where I kneel before you, kneel between your thighs.

A moment where I offer you my mouth, in the gentle caress of adoration.

This is a caress of presence. 

Of no expectation, of no goal.

It’s a caress of reaching into my heart, flowing that energy to my mouth, to my lips, to my tongue, so that my kiss is a kiss of love.

And in this are many things.

There may be healing, there may be release.

There may be surrender.

There may be transcendence.

For this caress is worship of the Goddess within you.

And in this, Sacred.

Worship of the folds, of the jewel, of the nectar of your Yoni.

Slowly, so slowly.

Gently, so gently.

And in this ritual, time.

Taking time.

For this is a ritual of flowing liquid, of softening flesh, of opening space.

This ritual flows the energy from your Yoni to your heart.

The caress, the slow, the soft, the tender, doesn’t change.

It’s power is not reaching, not chasing, not forcing.

It’s power is in presence, deepening presence.

It’s power is in the stroke of my tongue that’s constant.

It’s power is in the meditation of sensation. 

It’s power is in the ripples, the waves, rising, spreading, flowing in your body.

It’s power is in the melting softness of your core.

In time, we slow, we slow, we slow, even more.

Until I rest against you.

Holding you in my mouth.

Holding you in my heart.

Slowly, the energy in your body settles. 

Slowly, you become flesh once more.

Come, my love.

I’ve prepared a space for you in the temple.

I invite you…


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