Let The Point of Contact be The Point of Consciousness



We touch.

We touch with our hands, with our bodies, with our bodies, with our mouths, with our eyes, with our ears, with our words.

And with our hearts.

Let the point of contact be the point of consciousness.

Where we touch, let us become aware where we’re touching from. Where within us is the source, where does the river of energy arise from somewhere even deeper?

In the moment of contact there is a meeting, a mingling, a swirling of you and I.

What do I bring to this point of contact?

And in that moment can I bring my awareness to you?

Can I feel you, can I open myself to the presence of contact, to the moment?

This is living, loving, feeling, experiencing in the moment.

Open, breathing, feeling, aware.

Silent, laughing, dancing, crying, loving.

Let my eyes see yours, feel yours.

Let my hands open to yours, feel your warmth.

Let my mouth melt into yours.

Let my body welcome you, hold you.

Let my heart know yours.

Let me live as your beloved, and become a beloved of life. Let our love become as the world, and the world become as our love. Let our hearts become as one and in that moment we become one with the world.

Let me release myself from that which is illusion, to see with eyes clear and bright.

Let my vision go within, deep within myself, to see the divine I am.

From this seeing I may come to see it’s reflection in you, in life, in love.

The point of contact becomes the point of consciousness, expanding ever outwards, ever inwards.

And in time I become less me and more the world, and the world becomes more me, and we become one.

And in time the point of contact becomes the point of consciousness, and I become consciousness itself.

In time, in love…