Living Consciously




It’s f*****g difficult to get up every morning and live consciously.

Until it’s not.

And it takes time until it’s not.

Your mind doesn’t want you to be awake because too much changes, keeps changing. You can’t live in your patterns, where your mind is comfortable. You can’t ask too many questions, because your mind doesn’t want to question too much, engage too deeply..

You can’t examine yourself, what you do, how you do too much, because your mind doesn’t want to go there. It’s about safety. Safety is what we know. Survival is what we know.

And it has nothing to do with happiness, nothing to do with fulfillment.

The world doesn’t want you to go there.

Our world is designed for mediocrity, to keep the system running, maintain the status quo, be good boy or girl, and don’t rock the f*****g boat.

Your partner often doesn’t want you to go there.

It’s OK, what we have. It might be boring, there may be no fireworks. It might be comfortable. And even if it’s not OK, even if it’s boring and painful and dull and dreary, I know what it is so I’ll stay there.

Your job doesn’t want you to go there. You’re making too much money for other people. It keeps you where you are. It may not be fulfilling, it may not be creative, it may not be exciting, it may not be what I want to do, but I’ll stay there because I know it. And I get whatever I get at the end of the month and I think that’s what security is.

Politics doesn’t want you to go there. You might just question how much power you’ve given away, how much consent you’ve actually allowed in the destruction of the world, to war, to systems of suppression, repression, denial and untruths.

Religion doesn’t want you to go there. God forbid! You should question that you have a direct connection to Mystery? That there is as much manipulation and fear in religion as in politics, business and every other system involved in that warped polyamorous relationship they all have with each other. They’re all f*****g you without any lube or pleasure.

Sex doesn’t want you to there. Most definitely not! You might just find so much pleasure there, so much freedom that you’ll question all the other things. In pleasure you might just find your heart. You might just learn to listen to it. And then watch out. So stay away from energy sex.

Spirituality, funnily enough, a lot of spirituality doesn’t want you to go there. They’d be out of a job. And some, a lot, of spirituality has just taken religion and put some different words. The principles are the same. The Guru and The God. Gimme your money, gimme your children, gimme your wife. Rainbows and light. (I love the light, but a lot of it is in the muck of who we are, down deep, deep where the sun don’t shine).

Fear doesn’t want you to go there. You might see that it’s not quite as big a deal as you were told. And maybe it’s like a playground bully. You stand up to it, you engage with it, and it might just melt away.

There are so many things that don’t want you to go there.

So many things that tell you you can’t be too happy, that you can’t have too much of a good thing, stay where it’s safe, don’t make too much noise, don’t step too far over the line.


Then something happens.

Sometimes it’s triggered by pain. The pin of staying where you are, how you are becomes too great.

Sometimes it’s triggered by your heart. It starts as a whisper, there could be more happiness in your life, there could be greater fulfilment, there could be more intimacy, there could be more excitement. You could be an explorer and adventurer. You could step off the path into the mystery of possibility.

The idea of loving yourself arises. It’s a stranger to so many of us. We learn to develop a relationship with this being, circling each other with suspicion at first. Where do you come from, what language do you speak, what do you want, what do I want, how much upheaval are you going to bring to my life? What do I have to let go of?

Your soul wants you to go there. It wants you to see, to know, to feel, to taste, to smell, to live, every f*****g moment, the magnificent being you are, tears, runny nose, pain, confusion and all.

Here’s a secret.

It’s not easy.

It’s not easy to wake up every morning and f*****g well be conscious.

It’s much easier to stay asleep.

It’s much easier not to choose.

It’s much easier not to look at yourself.

It’s much easier not to stand up.

It’s much easier not to do something that makes a difference.

It’s much easier not to see that there is another way.

It’s much easier not to say I don’t know, and now let’s learn and explore.

It’s much easier not to love yourself.

It’s much easier not to Love.

We’ll, F*** It!

I’m with the ones who do.

And I’ll wake up every morning and ask, what can I do today that will further Life, that will further Love.

So let’s have some Conscious Coffee, and you may well ask what that is. We’ll make the coffee with love, we’ll smell the aroma, we’ll taste with awareness, we’ll look out at the world with gratitude.

And we’ll Live with Love.