Love Makes Us


Every time, my love, that you take me into your body, there’s welcoming.

There’s an opening, a surrounding, a knowing.

There’s a feeling of coming home, to a place of healing, of restoration, of release.

It’s a place separate from the world, a sanctuary, safe.

It’s a ritual in itself for the consciousness of being, of connecting.

There’s intimacy of body, of heart, of spirit.

In this connection of Yoni and Lingam there’s a sacred moment. It’s a breath of silence in the opening and in the entrance. It a timeless prayer of gratitude. There’s a reverence as our bodies, even for but a moment, become an altar, our union a prayer.

In this, love makes us in its own image.

An image of the fullness of being human.

Vulnerable and strong, we surrender.

Our union may be long, slow, soft or the burning fire of shouted passion.

You open to me, deeper and deeper.

I fill the space.

We expand.

Worlds within our bodies show themselves as we journey deeper into the mystery.

Alchemy as my heat melts your nectar, creating the elixir that takes us through the veil to see the Light we are.

For this moment we become one.

And we see the secret, all are one.

And we see a deeper secret known by the ancients, our sex, heart sex, holds many treasures. Our bodies, eyes, mouths, Yoni, Lingam, portals, pleasure the fuel.

Every time, my love, that you take me into your body, we make love, in its myriad expressions, and love makes us.