Love Matters




I was watching a talk on YouTube recently and there was something in the talk that many of us have seen. It was an image of the universe showing where we are, and the insignificance of us in this vast universe.

Cosmologically we may be of no importance, I have no idea about that.

What I do know is that we matter, our lives matter.

What we go through, what we experience, what we do with it matters.

It doesn’t matter more than anyone else, or less than anyone else.

We’re not more important than anyone else, or less important.

What we carry with ease may crush another.

We often have no idea of the struggles of another, just as we often have no idea of the joy of another.

What does matter is that we look at ourselves, that we look at our lives.

That we engage.

That we ask questions.

We ask who are we, what are we doing?

What are we doing to ourselves, to each other, to the planet?

Are we healing what we need to, are we letting go of what weighs us down, are we looking at our patterns and conditioning?

Are we learning, are we growing?

What are we contributing?

What are we teaching our children, not by what we say, rather by what we do?

Are we giving them the possibility of healing, of growing?

Are we asking about love, about Love, about our hearts? Are we asking what love is, do we live with it, do we express it, give it, receive it, share it?

Are we asking how can we change ourselves?

Are we asking how can we laugh more, dance more?

Are we asking what’s really important?

What really matters to us, to our hearts?

Are we asking that if we loved ourselves would we make different choices?

Are we asking for the courage to look at ourselves, to go within, deep within?

Are we asking to look at what connects us rather than what separates us?

Are we asking if we have the strength to make a difference, no matter how small it may seem, to ourselves, to another, to life?

Are we asking that by living in this way we become leaders?

Our lives matter to us, to this planet.

What we do matters, to me, to you.

Our choices, our words, our actions are significant.

This is what we’re here for, to live these lives we have.

Whatever religion, whatever philosophy says that we are but a drop in the ocean, we’re here.

And this body of mine, of yours, this heart of mine, of yours, this breath that I draw each morning, that you exhale each night, matters.

My tears, your tears, matter.

Because we’re here.

And it matters now.

None of us knows what the next moment will bring us.

What we do with this moment matters.

And this moment may have the power to make every other moment different.

The more I do my work, my inner work, my outer work, the more we matter.

And the more love matters.