Love Waits




I am back in Johannesburg after an intense week of teaching in Cape Town.

The learning, the sharing, the intimacy, the healing, the connecting on all the workshops, all the sessions, all the conversations was deep. For me as well as everyone I shared with.


In a way I spent time with all of us.

I spent time with people going through difficulties with intimacy and sexuality in their relationships.

I spent time with people, men and women, who have been deeply hurt, emotionally, sexually, and are beginning to heal.

I spent time with people who are experiencing loneliness, deep loneliness and are longing for intimacy and touch.

I spent time with people who are searching, seeking, sexually, emotionally, spiritually.

I spent time with people who are open and people who were nervous and scared of this sensual, erotic space.

I spent time with people of different sexual orientations.

I spent time with people in their 30’s to over 60.

I spent time with people on a journey, people who have done, who do, their work, and are expanding and growing.

I spent time with people lost in life.

I spent time with teachers, practitioners expanding their skills and knowledge.

I spent time with people who want to live a life of greater fulfillment, happiness.

I spent time with people looking for peace, a place inside that’s home.

I spent time with people looking for more pleasure, connection, love, excitement.

And more.

All of us.


For me, it affirms this journey of sharing, taking me deeper into myself, into possibility.

And it affirms love.

How we’re looking for love in many ways, because that’s what all these things are.

We’re looking for love, we’re looking for our heart.

We’re looking for ourselves, for the place we belong, within ourselves.

And love flows from there, naturally.


On the path of healing, the path of consciousness, we spend a great deal of time looking outside of ourselves.

It’s in someone else, it’s in a relationship, it’s in a job, a car, money, a technique, a system, a teacher…

In time, in patience, we see that it’s within.

It’s waiting for us, patiently sitting inside, in our own bodies, in our own hearts.

It’s in our own breath, our own energy.

Patiently waiting for us.

Waiting in the stillness, waiting in the quiet.

Everything we do, everything we learn, experience, every workshop, every practice, every class, they’re all just doorways, keys, portals, openings.

To ourselves.

Every technique, every system, every mediation, every yoga, dance, plant journey, water massage, massage, retreat, they’re ways in. To ourselves.

And we’ll see the doorways they are, the possibilities they hold, in time.

It requires patience, and a dedication.

A dedication to love.

A dedication to ourselves.

It requires a kindness to ourselves, a gentleness with ourselves.

It requires eyes that can see within, in the dark.

It requires ears that can hear the voice that whispers, in the dark.

It requires a body that can feel, sense, know, in the dark.

It requires an adventurer, an explorer to walk inside and seek the heart, seek love.

The love within us, waiting for us.


There’s a freedom in this.

A freedom from conditioning, from patterning, from the past.

From the opinions of others.

From the judgments we hold against ourselves.

From the limitations, the inhibitions, the beliefs we’ve lived with.

From so much that stops us experiencing pleasure, intimacy, touch, connection and love.


This is all of us, me, you.

And I love to share what I’ve found, what I’ve learned, on my journey.

This journey of possibility, of love.


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